The Western Media
07-May-2009 (one comment)

Living in the West we are told that the news media (television, newspapers, radio) are free. It is certainly true that there are few government conspiracies to censor. Unlike in totalitarian countries, the media is not generally state run or controlled. However this is not the full story. Because the media is part of the global economy, there are certain properties that deny readers, viewers and listeners a balanced view of world events.

The are five reasons why a balanced view of world events is not generally received in the Western media:

1 Media Ownership

Most newspapers, television and radio stations are owned by large and powerful multi-national companies

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Farhad Kashani

Smhb,   Are you

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Are you talking about media such as NPR? And all these ultra Socialist, border line Communist, website you copy and post every day?


These “corporate media” in this country have the freedom and use it to bash, criticize and make fun of the president and congress and government and religion and …everything else. So if these is a “bad” state of freedom of press to be in, I’ll take it any day over the government owned and censored media under governments that you idealize such as IRI and China and N Korea and Cuba and others.