USA: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

The USA has the largest military expenditure of any nation. It has an
extensive nuclear armoury, some of it based in other countries. In
addition, there is a large chemical and biological program. Although
not the only country with nuclear weapons, the USA is the only country
to have used these weapons. The USA has tested its weapons on other
peoples' territory.

Less well remembered is the fact that the USA has used chemical and biological weapons.

It frequently votes against United Nations resolutions that will monitor and curb such weapons. The USA often insists on countries having United Nations
inspections for weapons programs while denying access for its own
extensive chemical, nuclear and biological armoury. The USA will use
the international legal system when it suits but ignore its judgements
if they go against the USA. This behaviour is reported around the world
leading to much anger and resentment at the USA. Little of this gets
reported to the USA public however.

Some weapons regularly used by the USA are barely legal but of dubious morality (e.g. napalm, cluster bombs, depleted Uranium).

Much of the world feels like there is one law for the USA and its friends, another law for everyone else.

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