Peres: Iran trying to impose “foreign and violent ideology”
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06-May-2009 (5 comments)

Israel's President Shimon Peres said today that Iran is “trying to impose a foreign and violent ideology. Their agents target Americans, Europeans, Arabs, and other people."

Hinting at Iran’s theocratic government, Peres added that:
“Historically the concern was to separate, as we know, religion from state. Today however, the challenge is to disconnect religion from terror. In the name of God there should be no wars, no dead, no victims, no bloodshed. This is our God. This is our Lord. This is our stand. This is our position,”

“Let me be clear. The fanatic rulers of Iran are on the wrong side
of history. Actually they are out of history, they are against

“We have respect for the Iranian people and its tradition.
Historically Iran sought to enrich mankind. Today, alas, Iran’s rulers
want to enrich uranium.”

“What for? In addition to their nuclear option, they invest huge
capital in long-range missiles. Iran is not threatened by anybody …
Iran funds and arms Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, to spread
divisions in Lebanon and among the Palestinians.”

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see who is talking ...

by ./. (not verified) on

For ablood sucking zio-nazi like peres of Zionism regime to speak of violance from Iran, while his army is raping, destorying, killing, murdering, and strangholding over 1 million people in Gaza is an interesting myth.


Who is Peres?

by capt_ayhab on



1. Credited for the introduction of nuclear weapons to the Middle East via the "French connection,"

2. The man himself is a despicable murderer with a lot of
innocent blood on his dirty hands. He is also a pathological liar and
unredeemed hypocrite.

3. For Peres to invoke the ideals of human rights and democracy against
Israel's tormented victims, the Palestinians, is very much like having
the likes of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin lecturing their own
victims on the sanctity of human life.

4. Let us not be duped and deceived by this lying old man who knows well
deep in his heart that were it not for the inherently unjust
international system, he and other Israeli leaders would be shipped,  to the International Court of Justice in the
Hague to stand trial for their diabolic acts of murder and terror.

5. Peres himself is a mass murderer par excellance. In 1996, during his
brief stint as Prime Minister following the assassination of Yitzhak
Rabin, he ordered the Israeli army to bomb the UNIFIL headquarters at
the village of Qana in Southern Lebanon.

6. He should be reminded, in case he has forgotten, that several Israeli
political factions and parties contending elections happen to be
full-fledged terrorist groups that openly call for the expulsion,
enslavement or extermination of non-Jews in Palestine-Israel.

7. How about the manifestly fascist MIFDAl (the National Religious Party)
which openly calls for deporting all Palestinians to Jordan and other
Arab states? How about the National Union, the quasi-Nazi party whose
leaders advocate disenfranchising non-Jews and carpet-bombing
Palestinian population centers?

8. And how about arch-terrorists like Baruch Marzel and his cohorts? Why
does Israel, which claims to be the only true democracy in the Middle
East, allow these thugs to participate in elections?

9. Besides, doesn't Peres realize that his own party, Kadima, is comprised
of real terrorists and war criminals, people who in any other country
that respects itself would be thrown behind bars?

And Sharon? Well, we are all aware of the dark legacy of that vile certified war criminal.

And Barak, the notorious child killer who with his own hands
assassinated Palestinian writers and intellectuals in Beirut and who
ordered his troops to open fire on unarmed Palestinian protesters. This
is the man who had to appeal to the most primitive sadistic instincts
of the Israeli public in order to be popular and get elected.

In truth, Israel itself is a crime against humanity and its leaders
are vile war criminals. As such, they are utterly unfit to speak about
human rights and democratic values.

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Dear Ostad

by IRANdokht on

Look at it as a confirmation on what AIPAC is, and what it's trying to do.
Showing these speeches to make Iranian aware that AIPAC does not have their best interest in mind is actually a good thing.

We have many naive Iranians who think the goal of removing IRI is worth supporting these criminals such as Peres...

This post also serves as a clarification of the's political affiliations.



JJ, this post is offensive for showing a war criminal Iran-hater

by Ostaad on

Showing a renowned war criminal at the podium of a notorious anti-Iran
right wing extremist group on is offensive to me, and I'm
sure to many decent Iranians. This is not about freedom of speech, this
is about presenting the views of a war criminal who's lobbying to start
a war with Iran. This man's place is the Hague answering for his war
crimes not in DC pushing for bloodshed in Iran behind closed doors, and
saying crap like this clip to divert attention from the Apartheid
regime that he heads in Israel.



by Ostaad on

Peres GOH KHORD baa shomaa hardo.