Karzai: No stability in Afghanistan unless sanctuaries in Pakistan are removed
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During a talk today at the Brookings Institute in Washington,
Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan’s stability
can not be achieved unless Taliban sanctuaries and training grounds in
Pakistan were removed.

Approving the remarks made by US Special Envoy to Pakistan and
Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, who said that no matter how
economically, politically or militarily powerful Afghanistan becomes,
it will not be stable or peaceful unless the Taliban sanctuaries and
training grounds in Pakistan are removed, Karzai added: “The return of
the Taliban is because we did not address the question of sanctuaries
in time.”

Turning to Afghanistan’s western neighbor, Karzai praised the relationship his country has with Iran.

”Iran has been a member, participant of the Bonn conference seven
years ago. It helped America and the rest of the world establish the
Afghan interim government. It participated very very well in the
transformation of Afghanistan from the rule of Taliban to the present
…Iran has been a contributor to the stability, and peace and
reconstruction of Afghanistan.”

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