A shot in the arm for Hezbollah
www.atimes.com / Sami Moubayed
04-May-2009 (one comment)

A shot in the arm for Hezbollah
By Sami Moubayed

DAMASCUS - In a dramatic development, four generals jailed since 2005 for alleged involvement in the assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri were on Wednesday released from the nation's Roumieh Prison

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Farhad Kashani

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by Farhad Kashani on



The group that you so cold heartedly call “pro Zionist”, have been chosen democratically by the Lebanese people, and have adhered to the democratic process, and are promoting democracy and co existence, and are true Lebanese patriots and most importantly, are courageously standing in the face of the evil represented by the your beloved fanatic barbaric IRI and its puppet Hezbollah’s aggression against their country Lebanon.


I wish them all the success in the next elections in Lebanon. If your beloved Hezbollah wins, Lebanese democracy, Middle East Peace process, and Lebanese society will be ruined.