The Lobby Wants War With Iran / Justin Raimondo
02-May-2009 (5 comments)

The Israel lobby has been running into a few problems lately, but it’s nothing they don’t think they can handle: a charge of treason, a strong suspicion of obstructing justice, and a gathering storm of criticism from a few dissident intellectuals and policy types. Nothing to get too exercised about. Having felled Charles "Chas" Freeman, smitten Gen. Zinni, and sidelined those in the Obama administration who question the nature and utility of America’s "special relationship" with Israel, the Lobby’s flagship organization, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is primed to hold their national conference in Washington next week, with Jane "This Conversation Doesn’t Exist" Harman slated to address the gathering.

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khaleh mosheh

by smhb on

I am glad you noticed. Do you know why?


Nothing new! They have been behind Civil war, WWl&2, Iraq-Iran

by gol-dust on

war and all the ME wars. More war is what they want to make more money! 911, resulted in wars and who was behind it? It is all bout power and money. They were even behind Abraham Licoln's assasination! No? Check out the documentary by American film makers:

Search google: "Money Masters" see for yourself that the Federal Reserve bank is not really a federal bank, it is zionist private bank. How do you think they control the congress? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

They are more powerdul than...... Good luck to OBAMA! Now you see why mahmoud is blasting them! THEY ARE THE REAL SATANS! There are so much more that you know! Why do you think they control everything? Media is theirs too, and they don't want you to know ......


khaleh mosheh

Thanks smhb

by khaleh mosheh on

For posting this informative article. Obviously you know you have hit a raw nerve when the GIYUS guys start having epileptic fits.

Farhad Kashani

smhb, the infamous IRI

by Farhad Kashani on

smhb, the infamous IRI supporter, please explain to us why, accoridng to you, the "Zionists" have nothing better to do than "plot" against Iran? What is the source of te animosity? How did start and whose at fault for this animosity? I'm guessing nothing we have done to make an enemy out of Israel, so, please tell us!


Enlighten us, cause I don't know, so maybe you can tell me.





by Net& Yaboo (not verified) on

Go home!!!
No war on Iran .
leave iran alone.Enough damage in Iraq/Iran/Afghan/serbia......
Enough is enough....