Iran most active state sponsor of terrorism, says US
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30-Apr-2009 (4 comments)

Washington, 30 April (WashingtonTV)—Iran remains the “most active state sponsor of terrorism” in the world, the US State Department charged on Thursday. Iran, along with Cuba, Sudan and Syria, were designated as state sponsors of terrorism, in the State Department’s report for 2008. All four countries were listed in previous reports. The designation imposes a ban on arms-related exports and sales, controls over exports of dual-use items, prohibitions on economic assistance and other miscellaneous restrictions.




Thats rich coming....

by tehran24 on

that's rich coming from US, let's see:

slaughter of palestainian in GAZA



please feel free to add to this list!!!


I was wondering...

by Ostaad on

what's going on in the "School of the Americas" these days? Are all death squad and terrorist training courses canceled due to lack of enrollments?!!!



by Bavafa on

IRI is holding its place fairly well but when it comes to state terrorism, it has way to go to catch up with the US and Israel.

Just think about the terror that the US has brought to the Iraqis and the daily terror that Israel is bringing to all Palestinians.



Oh really?

by What's up doc? (not verified) on

Please tell us something we did not know before.