Mumbai's Parsi Restaurants: Get It While It's Hot
TIME / Deena Guzder
29-Apr-2009 (4 comments)

With the warmth of an endearingly eccentric relative, 86-year-old Boman Kohinoor of Britannia Restaurant, tel: (91-22) 2261 5264, in south Mumbai, exclaims, "You must try the berry pulav,
which my wife introduced in 1982 after returning from a trip to Iran." A waiter appears moments later with saffron golden rice and tender chunks of curried potatoes, fried cashews, wisps of crispy onions and ruby-red barberries imported from Tehran. "In Iran, the food is dry and bland by Indian standards so my wife experimented to find the right spices to liven up the dish," says Kohinoor. "But the exact recipe is a closely guarded family secret."


true parsi restaurants are becoming extinct

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a video of britannnia restaurant was featured on a few weeks ago and now an article in the time travel section about the parsi restaurants and the parsi community in mumbai was featured recently.


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ali p

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i've seen that site and it's very good.  it had one of the two that i knew about in NC.  the site below is a little more convoluted but is a TREMENDOUS source of persian business'.  we check this before we go anywhere and have found some great places... there was one place in atlanta years ago.  it might still be one of my favorite places... after the caspian of course...:-)


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FY/Parsi Zubin Mehta's testimony on his Persian Roots

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Many are here...

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