Where’s Rev. Wright When You Need Him?
Truthdig.com / Chris Hedges
21-Apr-2009 (one comment)
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what a great article

by IRANdokht on

the following parts of this article really touched me. I read them a few times and felt the depth of the analysis. Nothing new, but many of us thought that the change was going to be a fundamental change in the way America sees the past, the present of the world and finally the possibilities in the future. 

Thanks so much for posting this, I am sending it out to a few of my friends too.

To victims of oppression, the past is never over. It is not even past. Trauma, suffering and discrimination do not afford them that luxury. Generations bear the scars of whips and chains. They carry heavy physical and psychological burdens. And these burdens do not disappear when someone glibly decides to look to the future.


The United States, which has a museum to the Jewish Holocaust in Washington but has never found the moral courage to officially atone for its role in slavery and the genocide of Native Americans, perpetuates a disturbing historical amnesia. Our national myth and deification of the Founding Fathers studiously preclude an examination of the bloody conquest, open racism, misogyny, elitism and brutality that led to the country’s establishment and that fester like an open wound.


There will be no delegation from the United States at the U.N. conference on racism. Not this year. Maybe not for several years. But the day will come, I hope, when justice will finally conquer hate, when the truth will allow us to speak as one nation.