Persia Rising / Franklin Lamb
18-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

It may seem incongruous that in 2009, the U.S.A would have much competition from the Islamic republic of Iran for the hearts and minds of the Lebanese, a diverse 18 sect, highly sophisticated population, with a history of western attachments extending back before the Crusades. Yet is appears to be the case, as the power and prestige of Iran quickly spreads in the region and its myriad relations with Lebanon, which have existed for a millennia, deepen as American influence wanes. The extent to which Washington has ‘lost’ Lebanon to Iran will likely be clarified in the near term, as the ripples from the Bush legacy, the seismic effects of Israel’s recent slaughter in Gaza, and the results of the coming Lebanese and Iranian elections impact the region

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Excellent Posting! Thanks JJ! The zionists = Wars in Mid East

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As much as I hate the Iranian regime, but I support their support of the homeless and weak Palestinians! Israel the ruthless, racist and fascist agressor is the main ME problem! Of course, Arab leaders are another story!

I hope Palestinians gain their homeland soon (dreaming again!) so IRI can concentrate in helping her own poor people!

khaleh mosheh

Thanks for posting

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I agree- very informative article.


Excellent analysis of why Iran's influence is rising

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1. "Iran, (more than 90 per cent Shia) and Lebanon (approximately 52 per cent Shia) are increasingly connected through scores of thousands of intermarried families, deep cultural and religious values as well as growing political and economic ties."

2. "Lebanese Muslims realize Iran will not cave in to US and Israeli demands to abandon the Palestinian’s Right to Return (400,000 Palestinian refugees live in refugee camps in Lebanon). It is this internationally recognized right which Lebanese believe, is the central component of the Palestinian cause which they believe is the central cause of Arabs, Muslim and all people of goodwill.

3. "What increasingly makes sense to the Lebanese is what history taught them in their own country with Iranian assistance, that occupation creates resistance and determination and belief in justice and sacrifice trumps conventional military might. The Lebanese are proud of their victories in 2000 and 2006, made possible by Iranian backing their resistance forces while being acutely aware that the US provided the weapons to Israel that have killed their families and loved ones for six decades."

4. "Many Lebanese, who want good relations with both the US and Iran, believe that US administrations have squandered many opportunities for dialogue with Iran due to its inflexible pro Israel agenda. There is general agreement that Iran has already “won” the nuclear power issue and will have its nuclear reactors and if it decides to make a bomb it will achieve that too."

5. "Iranian aid has been more than ten times US aid over the past quarter century and since Lebanon was substantially destroyed with American weapons in 2006 Iran has given Lebanon nearly 75 times combined annual US aid."

Here is the conclusion of the article:

"In a critical sense it is the US government that must choose between normal relations with the Middle East and much of the world, respond to the changing mood of the American public toward Israeli crimes, and continuing connivance with and support for expansionist Zionism. The American choice will determine its future presence and status in this region."

Excellent article. Thanks for posting.