Euro telecom building Iran’s wiretap capabilities
13-Apr-2009 (7 comments)

Two European companies — a major contractor to the U.S. government and a top cell-phone equipment maker — last year installed an electronic surveillance system for Iran that human rights advocates and intelligence experts say can help Iran target dissidents.Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), a joint venture between the Finnish cell-phone giant Nokia and German powerhouse Siemens, delivered what is known as a monitoring center to Irantelecom, Iran's state-owned telephone company.A spokesman for NSN said the servers were sold for "lawful intercept functionality," a technical term used by the cell-phone industry to refer to law enforcement's ability to tap phones, read e-mails and surveil electronic data on communications networks.In Iran, a country that frequently jails dissidents and where regime opponents rely heavily on Web-based communication with the outside world, a monitoring center that can archive these intercepts could provide a valuable tool to intensify repression.Lily Mazaheri, a human rights and immigration lawyer who represents high-profile Iranian dissidents, said she had suspected that the government had increased its capability to monitor its perceived enemies.Recently, one of her clients was arrested because of instant messaging he had participated in with Ms. Mazaheri, she said."He told me he had received a call from the Ministry of Intelligence, and this guy when he went to the interrogation, they put in fron... >>>

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David ET

Iranians should demand explanation from Nokia

by David ET on

  and to publicize this, where is Trita?


Exactly! where is the outrage? did Iranian media cover this news

by Anonymous on

To: 1hamvatan

But in the US, you don't go jail by insulating the administration...otherwise most of the population would have been in jail during Bush years!@


at least is not run by EEzraeliez like it is in US

by zekise (not verified) on

In US, about 90% of our phone records are processed in EEzrael and all wiretapping system was installed by EEzraeliez . There is evidence some EEzraeliez used this to wiretap DEAs and used that to stay ahead of the agency while they smuggled millions of dollars in illicit drugs into US :)


Where is the outrage?

by Anonymous on

Euro companies making profits while young iranians lives are being theatened???


sell OUT.

by 1hamvatan (not verified) on

Do these firms realize that they are cooperating with the
terrorist? I guess they will do anything for some free oil.

There is no such as thing called "lawful" intercepts.

These are Dirty Games.

Javad Yassari

This is not the first time

by Javad Yassari on

Ericsson was the first one to sell such equipment to IRI. 

This snooping and persecuting business of IRI's has been accomplished with more than a little help from their European friends for 30 years.


Boycotting Nokia and Siemens

by Anonymous on

Even "texting" is being monitored?? wow! People in Iran should know about this....

I had to laugh when I read this portion:

Ben Roome, a spokesman for NSN, said, "We provide these systems to be used under the applicable laws in their countries and make sure we are abiding by U.N. and [European Union] export regulations and code of conduct. We provided the monitoring center to Irantelecom. We are not going to comment on the use of it. It is there to record lawful intercepts."

What "lawful" intercepts??