Iran moves step closer to realising nuclear ambitions
The Guardian / Julian Borger
09-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

Ahmadinejad, speaking in the central city of Isfahan, said Iranian scientists had mastered the fabrication of fuel pellets from natural uranium, and had tested two new types of centrifuge used to enrich uranium, "with a capacity a few times higher than the existing centrifuges". The pellets are intended for use at a heavy water reactor under construction at Arak, which Iran says is being built to make isotopes for medical use.


A winning card for Mahmoud?

by Hajminator on


khaleh mosheh

In this game

by khaleh mosheh on

he has to have a better hand than a 'Bibi'.

Sounds like a game of Poker to me- Do you think he is Bluffing then Hajminator Jan?