Evidence is mounting that Iran used beefed-up rocket
Nw Scientist
08-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

The evidence is mounting that the Iranian rocket recently used to launch a satellite was more powerful and advanced than initially thought. Iran entered the exclusive club of nations capable of putting things in Earth orbit on 2 February, when it launched a small satellite using a homegrown rocket for the first time. Called Omid, or "Hope", the satellite is a 40-centimetre-wide cube with a mass of 27 kilograms. But there has been much debate about whether the rocket that launched it was relatively crude and inefficient, operating at the limits of its capabilities, or a more advanced type that could eventually be upgraded to put astronauts in orbit. Iran has released few details about the rocket, called Safir-2, leaving outsiders to guess at its capabilities.

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Good for them

by capt_ayhab on

A big hooray for Iranian Scientists, who despite all the hardship been able to accomplish this task.




Oh boy, another excuse 4 israel to make empty threats!

by gol-dust on

Get over it israel! If you really want to live in the region you have to act like a neighbor, not a bully! US is not going to be there for rest of your existence! Treat everyone with respect, not hatred!


Congrats are in order.

by Ostaad on

In order to further the cause of science in Iran, I strongly recommend that Ahmadinejad should be the first live specimen to be hurled in space by Iran. Other countries experimented by sending chimps into space first, but in this case Iran is in possession of a specimen that says "zeki" to all other primates.