The secrets of Obama's surge
LA Times / Pepe Escobar
01-Apr-2009 (one comment)

Is United States President Barack Obama telling it like it is as far as his new strategy for the Afghanistan and Pakistan war theater - AfPak, in Pentagonspeak - is concerned? There are reasons to believe otherwise. Obama's relentless media blitzkrieg stressed the new strategy is refocusing on al-Qaeda. Washington, we got a problem. Why deploy 17,000 troops against "the Taliban" in the poppy-growing province of Helmand, not in the east near the Pakistani tribal areas, where "al-Qaeda" is holed up, plus 4,000 advisers to train the Afghan Army, when Washington actually wants to fight no more than 200 or 300 al-Qaeda jihadis roaming in Afghanistan, plus another 400 maximum in the Pakistani tribal areas?

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relentless media blitzkrieg

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Thanks smhb for this post.

There is much more info about the rational behind Obama’s plan for rapprochement with Iran in this one articles than every sorry excuse that intellegencia club concocts here day in and day out.