Iranian Ambassador Meets With Nato Officials For the First Time In 30 Years
27-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

For the first time in 30 years, Iranian ambassador has met with Nato representatives.  NATO has an active role in Afghanistan, and Iran will be attending the Afghanistan conference involving NATO within the next couple of weeks. 

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Our Message to them...

by Kurush (not verified) on

They, the US and its NATO cohorts, have failed to turn both Iraq and Afghanistan into stable bases for the US military plans to dominate the eastern zone of the ME and to encircle the West's nemesis, Russia, in the the latter's vulnerable southern underbelly. Iran must demand a timetable for the complete withdrawl of all Western forces and bases in the region. We MUST make them eat their bitter defeat in the broad daylight. As regards to Iran providing a supply route for the US & NATO aggressors against our brothers & sisters in Afghanistan, that is treason to Iran's strategic intersts and future Iranian generations who would have to deal with Western military presence on Khorasan's borders. Think...Iran did not go through years of hardship to end up becoming yet again a Western stooge. This feel-good rhetoric is part of the West's psychological warfare on the heels of years of Western threats and gunboat diplomacy, and, of course, we must not fall for it.



by Ostaad on

You can't imagine how happy NATO, especially the Dutch, would be if it could get the hell out of Afghanestan and leave it ALL to the Turks and Iranians. NATO wants to leave real bad, that's why the US is sending more troops there. The other big factor is the "the road". The road from the Persian Gulf to the Iran-Afghan border will be converted to the shortest and most efficient supply route for the US and other forces.  The US is going to bring a lot of "civilians" into Afghanestan to perform non-military tasks including training and public services. Those workers need protection and having Iran on the US's "good" side is to everyone's benefit at this time. So it'll be done.

The last collision accident between a US amphibious attack ship and a nuclear powered submarine in the Strait of Hormoz that resulted in sever damages to both vessels and light injury to the personnel, has made the US to eat a lot of crow - quietly.  Not to mention the 25000 gal diesel fuel spill right in the middle of the busiest, probably the shallowest and the narrowest, maritime channels of huge import. Who's going to pay for that, does anyone here know?

Things could get out of control in the PG unless Obama administration comes out with its blueprint and roadmap for the US-Iran relations until about 2015. All Arab countries of the PG, Israel and the EU are eagerly waiting to see what "changes" the US will bring to the table. Until then, these countries will behave like deer caught in car headlights.

Obama! Where's the plan, dammit? I want it now!