Iran responds to Obama
The Real News Netwrok
27-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

Investigative historian and journalist, Gareth Porter, speaks to Sharmini Peries about President Obama's Nowruz greeting to Iran. Noting the significance of this unprecedented move by the US government, and the saying that this is the first time the Iranian leader himself has responded directly to the US, Porter said, "Obama was displaying atmospherics here far more than substance," adding that, "there really is nothing in the address that gives you a clue as to what change is going to be made in the US posture when they actually sit down with Iran."

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I love the real news network

by OmidKarimi on

I donate to them from time to time. They have real nice pieces about international politics. To bad they get to do so little coverage. I wish they could unplug BBC or CNN and give the satellite uplink to these guys.


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Great post.

by Ostaad on

Porter is intimately aware of the Iran-US political dance. I am sure Obama will do his homework when the Iran-US efforts get into the high gear. At this time the two countries are engaged in the "atmospherics", which can be handled by his staff.