Former US Senator: US-Iran ties Magic Elixir for Mideast / WashingtonTV
27-Mar-2009 (6 comments)

US-Iran ties Magic Elixir for Mideast

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Former US Senator J. Bennett Johnston said on 25th of March that the normalization of relations between Iran and the United States is in the interest of both countries, and would act as a magic elixir for the region.



Omid Karimi, what an interesting website!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you, wonderful website!


TO: Anyone noticed

by mrlayl on

You're right on the money.


Anyone noticed

by OmidKarimi on

that western politicians only say such things once they are EX-officials?


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Same logic

by Fred on

Curiously enough the list of good fortunes the Ex-Senator predicts coming out of a rapprochement with the Islamist republic matches nicely with some of the terrorist activities that are the M.O. of the Islamist republic.

Is the good senator and for that matter the clueless Roger proposing to cut a deal with a known terrorist regime? If so as the clueless says what would a temporary cessation of enrichment achieve knowing the regime can always restart it at will? Applying the same logic, what would prevent the IRI from continuing their destructive terrorist behavior at home and abroad?


Could anyone...

by Ostaad on

have a problem with that?