Crustaceans Feel Pain and Remember It
27-Mar-2009 (5 comments)

Contrary to popular belief, crustaceans feel pain and they remember it as well.  So think about this next time you drop a live crab or lobster into biling water!

Anonymous Observer

No More Lobster and Crab Legs For Me!

by Anonymous Observer on

I thought this would be a welcome departure from the politically charged pieces that we constatntly post on this site.  Plus, as an animal lover, I always believed deep down inside that these poor animals felt pain. 


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i can't imagine going vegan.  there isn't any seafood that i don't love.  no frogmore stew?  no way!  no oyster roasts?  ain't gonna happen!  i love my husband's chicken kebaab too much!  and to go without mast o'khair?  i don't think so!!!

more power to you!



You can't be called crustacean...

by Ostaad on

and not feel pain.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Yes, for the most parts, except I enjoyed occasional seafood, which I will now limit to occasional fish...

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

one can infer that you're vegan?  :-0