Incheon Airport Clogged with Stationary Planes
23-Mar-2009 (7 comments)

The other two airplanes belonging to BlueSky, a joint venture between an Iranian airliner and the U.K.'s Balli Group, have been parked at the airport since landing at the airport for maintenance in August 2007. BlueSky is currently out of service due to U.S. sanctions on Iran. Unlike the Thai airliner, BlueSky is paying its parking fees on time.


Iran planes stuck in Airport due to US Sanctions

by Q on

Here's a concrete opportunity for reconciliation.



Congrats, Fred,

by Ostaad on

you must be feeling jubilant and sensing victory every time something utterly insignificant like this brightens your dull day.

When are you going to realize your favorite charandiaat don't add up to much and finally, who cares?

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

love it... love it!

and may i wish them every success in the world... :-)


Spare part, shmare part

by Seh Shod (not verified) on

Get real, IRI is too busy to bother with trivial issues like this.

Why, even as we speak the ultra high IQ elite Bassiji students of the Qom Institute of Technology (QIT) are busy applying the finishing touches to the Iranian made successor the hopelessly out of date American space shuttle.

The QIM director, Hojatoleslam Moftkhor, estimates that the new QIT spacecraft, based entirely on an independent Iranian design (well, at least the aaftaabehs used in the human waste management module of the craft), will carry the first human beings, well, Akhunds anyway, to the Planet Mars within the next 10 years, beating the Imperialist Yankees at their own game.


Doesn't add up

by MRX1 on

we were told by our resuident islamic lackey's and IRI supporters up untill few days a go that Iran is so advanced now that it can produce amazing fighter jets. Then why can't IRI service these things? why doese it need spare parts from the great satan?

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just curious

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how is the iran-UK plane out of service due to US sanctions?

fred... very interesting article.  corruption is so pervasive in the IRI and reaching it's evil fingers outward MUST BE STOPPED.


Enriching Islamist apparatchiks

by Fred on

Iranian brothers Vahid and Hassan Alaghband own the company. Balli owns a private bank and numerous major enterprises inside Iran with strong ties to the Iranian regime. It is well understood that no company can reach the Balli's success and status in Iran without direct support of Mafia Dons inside the mullah´s circle of power.