Happy New Year, Mullahs... Obama's message of weakness.
the weekly standard / William Kristol
23-Mar-2009 (2 comments)

"Liberty" isn't a word you'll find in President Obama's Iranian New Year message to "the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran." Nor is "freedom." Nor "democracy." Nor "human rights." Nor will you find any expression of solidarity with the people of Iran - though you'll find plenty of solicitude for their rulers. The president bends over backwards to reassure the mullahs that our government wishes them well.

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Kristol mourning the neocons gradual death

by Jaleho on

<<The question is, who in the world will have respect for President Obama?--William Kristol >>

Pretty much everyone except for Israeli-first traitors of the US like Mr. Kristol's gang of Jewish neocons, and his Christian Zionist buddies of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), like Dick Cheney, Woolsey and Bolton.


What else do you expect?

by MaryK (not verified) on

I was getting worried about this article, and then I saw that it was by Bill Kristol, the same guy who thought Sarah Palin would make an awesome vice-president and that we wouldn't have any problems invading Iraq.

If Kristol told me it was sunny outside, I would grab my umbrella. Even most of his fellow conservatives think Kristol is a joke.

So if he's critical of Obama's Iran video, that gives me great hope for the future :)