When Obama visits Turkey next month, will he make friends?
The Guardian / Stephen Kinzer
13-Mar-2009 (6 comments)

Barely 48 hours after after Clinton left Ankara, the president of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, flew to Iran. It is likely that he was carrying a message from the US to Iranian leaders. This is the first substantial sign that the Obama administration may be making a serious effort to reach out to Iran. No intermediary is as well placed to guide these enemies away from confrontation as Turkey.

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Obama is Carter Phase II

by Anonymous on

it's sad that he was able to fool 54% voters to trust him...but yet, we had the worse choices ever in the american elections.

Note to (Anonymous on Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:36 PM PDT)

thanks for sharing NO Change NO Hope website, that's how i feel about Obama right now.
He does what Bush did but uses different words. What a joke. He changed the use of "enemy combatant" word but military will be using the same process forward. I guess Bush should have change the Guantanamo name to Hotel Arabs and all things could have been solved.


obama writing a letter to Khamenie

by teapot (not verified) on

US may soon make overture to Iran leader
This initiative could come in the form of a letter from President Obama to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to two senior European diplomats who have met in recent weeks with key State Department officials crafting a new US policy toward Iran.

The letter would be aimed at initiating talks over the Iranian nuclear program and Iran's role in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan, the diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

It would be the first formal communication between an American president and Iran's leadership since Washington cut diplomatic ties with Tehran following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

State Department officials yesterday declined to comment on their plans for changing Iran policy until they complete an ongoing review.

But on Monday, State Department acting spokesman Robert Wood told reporters: "We have offered our hand to the government of Iran, and we hope to be able to engage this government on a whole range of issues. But a lot of it's going to depend on Iran and its willingness to engage and its willingness to change its behavior in a number of areas where we have concern."



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Obama wont even touch the Armenian issue. The Turks will smack him around badly for it.


As important as the Armenian genocide is...

by Ostaad on

I don't think Obama is going to Turkey to talk "genocide".  Obama's visit will be centered around vital geopolitical issues which will impact the ME in particular and the world in general for the rest of the 21st. century.

It might sound crass, but the recognition of the Armenian genocide is one can which will be kicked down the road to be dealt with later.


Will Obama break his promise again?

by Anonymous on

Obama has promised Armenians in America that he will recognize Armenian Genocide and will put pressure Turkey to do the same. Now he decided to go to Turkey the exact month where Armenian will remember The Genocide memorials.

Will Obama have a gut to follow what he promised or he will give more ammunition to blogs such as this:

//www.obamasgaffes.blogspot.com called No Change and No Hope


Obama to Turkey

by Yachov on

I heard he was delighted to have been invited to a Middle Eastern Thanksgiving feast.  And we think Palestinians make their school kids do wierd things.  :)