Take the Money and Run
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Take the Money and Run By Ernest Partridge March 4, 2009 "ICH" --

If the Obama economic goals are to be met – a repaired physical infrastructure, educational pre-eminence, health care for all, international leadership in science and technology, etc. – we, the public, must retrieve the cash that was effectively stolen from the public treasury. A bank robber does not gain legal possession of his loot. Neither should today's "robber barons," notwithstanding the fact that the theft was accomplished under the guise of quasi-legality. The loot can be recovered legally, if the public demands it and the Congress responds accordingly, through the enactment and enforcement of appropriate legislation.

I include myself among those convinced that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen, along with numerous congressional elections. How, then, are we to explain the success of the Democrats in 2008? If the GOP could have stolen the 2008 election, as they stole the previous two elections, why did they not do so?

They did not for the same reason that bank robbers don’t hang around the premises after the heist. Rather than wait for the cops to arrive, they take the money and run.

Even so, I must confess that I was somewhat amazed at both the fact and the scope of the Democrat’s victory in the presidential and congressional elections.  >>>

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