Iran in the Crosshairs
consortium news / Gareth Porter and Ray McGovern
06-Mar-2009 (6 comments)

Last year, the Middle East dodged the danger of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and the inevitable spread of hostilities. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen was sent to tell the Israelis that the United States would not support such an attack, and after the fiasco in Georgia, the Russians too sent stern warnings to Tel Aviv. But now the specter of an Israeli strike has reappeared. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s incoming prime minister, is far more committed to an attack on Iran than his predecessors.  Remember when Joe Biden told supporters of Barack Obama last October that Obama would be tested in his first six months in office? There is good reason to believe he was referring to the likelihood that Netanyahu would become prime minister after the February 2009 Israeli election, and that he would waste little time finding a pretext to attack Iran. 

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Mehdi Mazloom

khaleh!!!!, this is daa-ii-e' Mehdi.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

first. Perhaps You need to learn eh-teram to older uncles. If you wish to  address to my post , YOU WILL TALK DIRECTLY TO ME. And put all your crap ta'arrof among your friend. I have little Patience for that famous Iranian custom of not talking directly to those with whom they disagree  - me being the "Zionist".

Be careful when you play games with others.

Now, to the rest of the comment. Interesting, many of those Arab regimes, like Saudi Arabia, govern their respective countries on the  same religious dogma as the backward akhoondah in Tehran. So why talk with one side of the mouth about one country,  and with other side about another one.

Those Arab countries border with Iran - not Israel. They see the Mullahs subversive activities in their own countries to destabilize their governments. A prime example is Lebanon and Gaza. They have their legitimate right to resist the Mullah  activities in their countries.

While we are on the subject of "stolen Land". It is not Israel which took the Abu Musa island by force. Nor it is Israel ( or other Arab states) who claim Bahrain as Iranian territory which must be taken back for military force - It is the Mullahs in Tehran.



Arab regimes

by smhb on

khaleh mosheh,

Hmmmm, what a logic from a zionist like  Mehdi Mazloom. He seems to completely neglect that these regimes have always been with the thieves, murderers and liars who brutalize the Palestinians and steal their lands and cry foul.

These arab regimes are kept in power by the imperialists and zionists and they serve their masters not their people. Just like the former shah.

Its amazing that while these arab criminals run towards their masters their population admires Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad. Thats telling all in itself. The policies and declarations of a bunch of worthless whores who rule over the arab people is of no value except in the sick minds of zionists and the ignorant. That also extends to criminal zionist monarchy that rules Morocco. In the overall scheme of things the little man ruling Morocco is insignificant.

During Saddam's war (US and israel) against Iran all these monkies were with the imperialists and zionists and they couldnt get anywhere. Their game is up. 




Morocco cut diplomatic ties to Iran

by خبرگزاری فرانسه (not verified) on

2009 Friday 06 March
مغرب روابط دیپلماتیک با رژیم تهران را قطع کرد
به گزارش خبرگزاری فرانسه از رباط، دولت مغرب امروز اعلام کرد روابط دیپلماتیک خود را با رژیم تهران قطع می کند.

وزارت امور خارجه مغرب با انتشار بیانیه ای اعلام کرد روابط دیپلماتیک این کشور با رژیم تهران از امروز جمعه قطع شده است.

روابط مغرب و رژیم تهران در پی حمایت مغرب از بحرین در جریان تنشی که اخیرا میان این کشور و جمهوری اسلامی بروز کرد، به تیرگی گرائید.

وزارت خارجه مغرب روز 25 فوریه گذشته کاردار خود را از تهران به دلیل اعتراض جمهوری اسلامی به اظهارات پادشاه مغرب فراخواند و همزمان سفیر جمهوری اسلامی در رباط را احضار کرد.

در بیانیه وزارت خارجه مغرب گفته شده رژیم تهران نه تنها با رفتار غیرقابل قبول خود علیه مغرب، باعث ایجاد تنش در روابط میان رباط و تهران شده است، بلکه همچنین با دخالت در امور داخلی مغرب و حمایت از جریانات بنیادگرای اسلامی در این کشور، امنیت ملی مغرب را نیز به مخاطره می اندازد.

وزارت خارجه مغرب در بیانیه خود می افزاید اقدامات سازمان یافته سفارت جمهوری اسلامی در رباط در جهت حمایت از جریانات بنیادگرای اسلامی، دخالتی آشکار و غیرقابل تحمل در امور داخلی این کشور محسوب می شود و از این رو دولت مغرب از روز جمعه ششم مارس 2009 روابط دیپلماتیک خود با رژیم تهران را قطع می کند.

Mehdi Mazloom

khaleh mosheh - the other way

by Mehdi Mazloom on

It is the Sunni Arabs who are most afraid of the Mullahs nuclear program. Thanks to their inflammatory bellicose, these Mullahs had succeeded what Israel itself could never dream of - better relationship with the Sunni Arabs, leading to full peace agreement. Saudi Arabia being the biggest enchilada.

It is the weak and disarrayed Arabs who are now coming to Israel and offering peace in exchange of protection from Iran. They all know, only Israeli might can confront the IRI objective to expand their dream of hegemony in the region.

Keep your ears close to the ground. There is a very solid and good reason why led by Saudi Arabai, the Arab league is offering over all peace between Israel & the Arab countries, not just the Pals. Read the Iranian factror. 


khaleh mosheh

Let me get this straight Mazloom

by khaleh mosheh on

What you are saying is that Israel wants to attack Iran to help the fightened Arab leaders and populace?

It makes perfect sense. Sounds like Israelis just want everyone to have piece of mind. Very altruistic really.




Mehdi Mazloom

Iran is concern to everyone else

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Israel is well equipped to defend itself, and do it very effectively. It is the rest of other (Sunni) Arab countries whom are scared of these fanatics in Tehran.

Iran IS indeed in the cross hair of everyone else. Once they have the nuk. No one can be sure when the Mulalhs will get the divine order from the illusive Mehdi to start preparing for his return, and the time to cleanse the infedls from the region.

No one in his right mind will allow bunch religious fanatics to have possesion of WMD, and hope they will be responsible citizens.