Tehran, city of love
The Guardian / Janet Afary
05-Mar-2009 (5 comments)

Last month there were two celebrations in Tehran, an official commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Islamic revolution and an unofficial and more light-hearted celebration of Valentine's Day. Young people held hands in the streets and cafes despite warnings by the morality police. Shops did brisk business selling heart-shaped cards, chocolate, flowers, balloons, and jewellery. Husbands and wives took ads in popular Islamist journals expressing their passionate love, while Persian blogs were inundated with V-Day messages. Judging from these messages Valentine's Day is not only a celebration of personal love but also a way of expressing sentiments like "make love not war".


شهر عشق


‫سفر کردم به هر شهری دویدم   ‫چو شهر عشقمان، شهری ندیدم



Abamard jan

by Hajminator on

Absolutely, loving Iran is totally independent of hating or disliking mullahs. Those who deliberately put Iran and Mullahs in the same sac are those who inevitably have something against the Iranian nation.

Otherwise, I have to add that Isfahan nessfeh jahan ;)



by Abarmard on

The Iranians have every Right to dislike the regime and want Iran to be better, yet the intentions of the world against Iranian so called "domination" or "power" is another story. 

If noticed, most reporters have more positive to say than negative once they visit Iran. One possibility is the low expectations from the demonization of Iran and ultimately Iranians.


Khaleh joon

by Hajminator on

Sometimes I come to the conclusion that the animosity is much more directed to Iran as a great nation in ME than to the regime, and that mullahs are just an excuse for GIUYS and other warmongers to profuse their hatred.

 The fact that what Shah did and then dismantled by these guys is an indication of that behavior.

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

This article was pretty much 'neutralised' by the GIYUS in its comment sections. Sounds like they dont have anything better to do than to pounce on anything remotely positive coming out on Iran.

Looks like to PR media battle is truly on- Pitty it is so overwhelmingly one sided.