Blinded Iranian seeks eye-for-eye justice
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04-Mar-2009 (4 comments)

Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who was blinded by a suitor, is awarded justice in the form of "ghesas" aganist the Perpetrator. However, there's a catch. Because she is a woman in Iran, the value of both of her eyes is equal to one of the male perpetrator's eyes!!! So, she is only entitled to blind him in one eye, unless she is willing to pay $25,000.00 for the privilege of blinding him in both eyes!

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Half Justice for Iranian Women

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Iranian Woman Gets Half "Ghesas" Award Against Man Who Blinded Her 

I hope to some day see equality for women in Iran.



Yes rosie , this is the

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Yes rosie , this is the same poor young lady Amenh Bahrami. She was also interviewed by BBC TV in Iran but they did not mention the fact that she is seeking medical help in Spain. All I can say this is very disturbing, I do not agree with ghesas nor I agree with IRI forcing their out dated laws to Iranians.

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I would've called it "An eye for two eyes."  Actually it is interesting because I posted a feed about three weeeks ago about a woman who'd lost sight in one eye and partial in the other I think, when a suitor threw acid in her eyes, and had been offered in court that the same be done to him. She refused, she said it was barbaric and he should only have drops of the acid put into his eyes, which wouldn't blind him, but would make him feel her pain.' The guy's family had also offered retribution money which would've helped her with medical, because she had no insurance, but she refused She wanted the drops of acid, and accepting the money would've forfeited it. I can't post the link because I deleted the feed. I do that when I have too many feeds up and I want to post something new that's more important. It is similar but it can't be the same story with a new twist. She did not live in Spain.

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