Playing nuclear politics
Guardian UK / Ali Fathollah-Nejad
23-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

The latest report on Iran's nuclear programme by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has spurred alarmist speculation about the whereabouts of the "mullahs' bomb" just when hopes for a US–Iran rapprochement are at an all-time high. The UN's nuclear watchdog says Iran has only slowly increased the number of centrifuges in the last four months, with now almost 4,000 centrifuges spinning and enriching uranium at a low level (under 5%). Iran has reportedly accumulated about 1,000kg of low-enriched uranium (LEU). To produce weapons-grade material, roughly 30kg of LEU are needed for about 1kg of HEU (high-enriched uranium).

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K Nassery

I don't think President Ahmadinejad is our problem.

by K Nassery on

I read both articles in this thread and dozens more.  I once thought that the Supreme Leader was the cause of all of the woes of Iran, but I think the SL might not be in charge after all.  Could the real power be the military and it's interior offshouts?  Who are these people? 

Meeting in London hotels and asking to exchange a nuclear program for cessation of the attacks on British forces was of note.  If you don't admit that a program exists, does it exist? Everyone knows the truth even if the regime won't admit it.

 I also read the Amnesty International report on the use of weapons by the Isreak in Gaza.  I don't understand the use of the phosphorous weapons in the sky.  Surely the advantage in darkness goes to those with night vision gear and Israel had night vision gear. I think they used it to cause mass hysteria in the Gazan population and some Gazas were burned.  I am sure that no on here understands the psyche of an Israeli who is the descendent of the survivors of the Holocoust.  There is a desire to survive..... perhaps from their genome, that makes them stand up to over a billion Muslims. They are victims and they will do anything to survive.  It's simply a fact. The Gazans are victims of Israel and of the Iranian desire to spread it's dreams of an Islamic World.  I doubt that God wants this.  What kind of God would desire all of these deaths?


I read the article about

by Anonymouslll (not verified) on

I read the article about this highly insane proposition by the Islamic regime;

Readers, or otherwise interested should not find it too difficulty yo understand that if the government of a sovereign nation is so volatile as to make a proposition as such (leave us alone with our Nuke program or we will kill more British soldiers in another country), it would also be insane enough to use nuclear weapons against any state that it will perceive(rightly or wrongly) as enemy.

Read the comments on that site. very informative.

Highly troubling times, and most are still engaged in the euphoria of post Obamamania.