David King: Iraq was the first 'resource war' of the century
Guardian / James Randerson
17-Feb-2009 (one comment)

UK government's former chief scientific adviser says Iraq war was about oil, not weapons of mass destruction – and warns there will be more 'resource wars' to come

The Iraq war was just the first of this century's "resource wars", in which powerful countries use force to secure valuable commodities for themselves, according to the UK government's former chief scientific adviser.

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And the second resource war will be...

by John on

I've been telling friends and family for many years that I expect that the United States will one day invade Canada in order to steal our water from us.  They almost always laugh, thinking that I'm joking, but I am deadly serious.

The time is coming when water will escalate in value and price in much the same way that oil jumped from $30 to $150 per barrel in the space of a few months.

Many or all of us can change our lifestyles, admittedly with great hardship, to limit or eliminate our use of oil and oil-based products, but not one us can live long without water.