Iranian fight against hegemony turns 30
Asia Times / Kaveh L Afrasiabi
11-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

On Tuesday, Iran celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Islamic revolution that dislodged a well-entrenched United States-backed monarchy. With the blood, honor, courage and determination of an entire nation, Iran's sovereignty was restored, ending decades of national humiliation following the 1953 coup engineered by the US and British secret services. "The revolution lives on," President Mahmud Ahmadinejad stated last week, providing yet another reminder to Western pundits that their sounding of the death bells for the Islamic revolution have been premature.

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Farhad Kashani

Iran's darkest days turns

by Farhad Kashani on

Iran's darkest days turns 30. Iran's path to destruction turns 30. IRI's course to turn the world against us turns 30. Iran's chapter in history living under religious tyranny and opression turns 30.

What we need is a re-birth of our country. 30 years is enough.

Mehdi Mazloom

OR. Iranian fight FOR hegemony turns 30

by Mehdi Mazloom on

It is well know that, ever since they took power, these Mullahs in Tehran have been trying to subvert other governments in the region, with clear purpose of gaining hegemony.

Cry and whine about the "atrocities" of 1953 coup, while themselves are trying to do the worse. Have you thought about the "Shi'ite crescent" coined by the King Abdallah II of Jordan.

Like that axion in farsi which goes like that:

Akhoonde mi-raf pan mi-dad, ve khodesh koon midad. (you understand the rest).