Kyrgyzstan's Revenge: Why the Kyrgyz are kicking us out of their country / Justin Raimondo
09-Feb-2009 (2 comments)

Remember Kyrgyzstan? Longtime readers of this space will recall our extensive coverage of that country's "Tulip Revolution," also dubbed the "Pink Revolution," way back in those heady days when George W. Bush's "global democratic revolution" was said to be the wave of the future. The so-called color revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine, and the landlocked and desperately poor Central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan were supposedly sparked by Bush's "fire in the mind" – a phrase lifted out of Dostoyevsky's The Possessed and used in one of the former president's more unhinged perorations. In the case of Kyrgyzstan, however, it looks like that fire has blown back in our faces.

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Manas Base

by Kurush (not verified) on

As Bertrand Russell said in the heyday of the
Vietnam war, and I paraphrase, there is scarcely a war, or coup, or civil war, anywhere in the world in which the Us does not have its hands in it. The presence of the Anglosaxons in Central Asia is symptomatic of their lust for power and domination in the world, For this race, that is the overriding passsion and obssession, and if in the process they bring about hell-on-earth so be it. The dimwits such as Gerorge Bush and Cheney went down the sewage of history as did many a Victorian imperialist who prowled around central Asia trying to fish from muddy waters during the so-called Great Game. The closure of all US bases around the Globe is an objective for all peace-loving people around the globe. Force America to take back the trash of its society which it puts military unifrom upon and gives them extra-legal right to shoot or rape at will.


Excellent article, thanks!

by Parham on

Excellent article, thanks!