Iran celebrates 30 years of medical success
Press TV / Patricia Khashayar, MD.
09-Feb-2009 (3 comments)

In the three decades since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian researchers have made several crowning achievements in the field of medicine.
While in the hectic years following the Revolution the majority of surgical operations were performed by Indian and Pakistani physicians, Iranian doctors took matters into their own hands. Today these physicians not only perform all medical procedures in the country, but also save the lives of patients referred to them from neighboring countries.
The past thirty years have witnessed a considerable increase in the number of articles published in medical peer-reviewed journals, as a result Iran now ranks 27th in the world in terms of positive contributions to the field of medicine.

Today Iran has become one of the leading countries in pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetics and stem cell research.

The list of the most recent achievements of Iranian scientists is as follows:


-Kidney transplant- Iran ranks fourth in the world in kidney transplants with over 2,000 procedures performed annually.

-Liver transplant- Iran performed its first liver transplant in Shiraz in 1993. Some 42 liver transplants have been performed in the country since the approval of the cerebral death law, seven years ago.

-Pancreas transplant- Iran is the second country in the world, where a pancreas transplant from a brain-dead donor has been successfully performed.... >>>

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Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

Yes I did read most of it. The problem with which I have, is those bellicose assertions of Iranian "achievement" go in line with other declaration of "Iran is a superpower". Or when IRI had launched an improved version North Korean missile, that delusional president call its "new dawn on civilization".

Much like everything else coming out of these backward regime,  it exaggerates and brags, out of proportion any little accomplishment coming from Tehran.

Just last week after its launch of the first satellite, we are told that, the technology used, it was from the 1950's version. Yet that idiot in Tehran declares Iran is a superpower. My friend, It takes lot more then that to be recognized as "superpower" by others.

No doubt about it. Iranians are very smart and capable people. Unfortunately most of them had already left the country, and they contribute to those western countries who enjoy the fruit of their knowledge.

Those scientists who remained in Tehran are the less informed with the latest development then the rest of the western world.


Mehdi, did you read the article?

by Ostaad on

Do you have ANYTHING to offer related to the article?! You seem to be parroting the same nonsense over and over without paying any attention to the topic being discussed.

People like you usually stand on street corners in New York and other big cities foaming at the mouth and deliver "diatribes". Thank to the Internet you can stay inside.

Mehdi Mazloom

Iran - 1979 vs. 2009

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Go ahead and enrich my soul, my stomach (if it can stand the diatribe).

Compare the economic, political, standard of living, and freedom of expression in Iran of 1979 to 2009.

In every category, Iranian people ended up with the short side of the stick.

Any freedom (if there was any) under the late shah is gone

People are forced to dress, speak, behave and kneel down to a backward Arab, who calls himself "supreme" (my foot) leader".

Since the day of Naqba in April 79, Iran has become a peria state, shunned by the west. All because of this despotic regime which out right has lied its way to power.

Khomeini promised the Iranians heaven, delivered hell.

Promised property, delivered poverty.

Promised freedom, delivered oppression

Promised the beautiful side of  Islam. Delivered the ugly side

Promised respect from its neighbors, delivered hate and distrust.

Promised wealth to Iraninas. Delivered poverty