After the war, Gazans seek answers on white phosphorus
Christian Science Monitor / Ilene R. Prusher
06-Feb-2009 (5 comments)

The woman's name is Sabah Abu Halima. She lays on a bed here, wrapped in bandages, mourning the loss of her husband and four of her children. They died in an Israeli shelling attack in El-Atatra, near Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip, an area with a mix of villages and agricultural fields. Israel says that the area around their house was being used by Hamas militants.
Two others in the house, a granddaughter and daughter-in-law, were also badly burned and transferred to Egypt for treatment. The Jan. 5 attack provides what Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst for Human Rights Watch (HRW), calls "the single most compelling case" of white phosphorus use by the Israeli army.

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by MRX1 on

should have used BB gun or guns they sell in toys-r-us, that would have been more effective and humaneterian.

There is no civility in Bombs and bulets! get that straight my liberal friends. In war your aim is to win period, to kill or you get killed, it's that simple. I am sure you can go and have this kind of discussion with hamas, hezbolah, taliban and animals ruling in Iran and they will respect your wish.

rosie is roxy is roshan

It's no surprised..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

everything htat happened in Lebanon in 06 was going to happen in Gaza. From day 1.

White phosphoorus was used in Lebanon.

I was just wondering from the beginning how long it would take before they used in Gaza.


this is really disturbing

by IRANdokht on

Thank you Q and also Najafvisitor for bringing this information.
This is a humanitarian disaster that just keeps going on and getting worse...




However, not only the

by NajafVisitor on

However, not only the Israelis, but the rest of the civilized people also have been seeking answer from islamist ...

Mehdi, civilized people don't use phosphorus as a weapon.

Anyway, the Israelis aren't wasting too much time asking questions. A new round of land confiscations are pending on the West Bank, and the blockade of Gaza is resumed, and most recently - in a gesture of which the Israelis are particularly proud - a water purifying facility was banned from import into the territory.

Mehdi Mazloom

Israelis seek answers also

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Yes, Gazans do seek answers to the last war in Gaza.

However, not only the Israelis, but the rest of the civilized people also have been seeking answer from islamist about their sick cultural and mind set of self destruction and homicide bombing against civilains.