The contest for global domination
// / W Joseph Stroupe

The contest for global domination
By W Joseph Stroupe

A long succession of post-World War II United States presidents, starting with Harry S Truman and ending with George W Bush, has presided over the strategic interests of the West in an epic match for domination of the globe, a grand contest pitting the forces of US-style liberal capitalism and liberal democracy against the post-World War II scourges of totalitarianism and communism, and now, in the post-Soviet era, against authoritarianism ("sovereign democracy") and Eastern-style statism ("managed capitalism").

Until the collapse of the Soviet Union circa 1989-1991, the contest was mostly a draw, with neither side emerging in the undisputed lead. When the West did emerge in the clear lead in 1991, it was wrongly assumed that the epic match was over - it most certainly wasn't. Global developments, especially since George W Bush 

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took office in 2001, proved the epic match over global domination continued to be played out between the forces of East and West, with the weakened and fractured East obliged to regroup, and to radically adapt its approach to its much stronger Western opponent, and to refine and modify its fundamental strat... >>>

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