Pro-Israel media: Bloggers join media war
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30-Jan-2009 (29 comments)

Arye Sharuz-Shalicar, 31, whose parents emigrated from Iran to Germany, is a one-man PR show. He speaks Persian, German, English, French, and Spanish and can also get by in Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Italian.
Sharuz-Shalicar is one of the front-line soldiers in the Ministry of Absorption's new "army of bloggers" that was recently established in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry's public relations department following Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.
The Absorption Ministry is recruiting new immigrants and Jews living abroad who have access to a computer and who speak a second language to a volunteer effort to improve public relations for Israel on the internet. The campaign was launched last week.
In the cross hairs are problematic blogs, talkbacks, online social networks, online polls, Youtube videos, and more.
The ministry was amazed by the massive response to the effort. More than 1,000 interested applicants contacted them, of which 350 are Russian speakers, 250 English speakers, 150 Spanish speakers, 100 French speakers, and 50 German speakers.

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Mehdi Mazloom

Mehrnaz khanom

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Sorry for labeling you as man. these days anyone can use any s/n he / she wish to go by. Bande' tava-lod shodam in Iran.  Amma bo-zorg na-shodam un-jah.

True seeker pretty much addressed many of your concerns quite adequately. I will however will reply to few of your questions.

You wrote the followings:

I understand, Masloum, that you still have not responded to Roxane’s
question to you about Sabra and Shatila massacre supervised by
Israelies in Lebanon. Why not?

I did reply. Here is the link.


You wrote:

Q: What are your views on the two state solution?

A: I love it so much, Let have not 2 states, but 3 states. (Gaza, WB and Israel) 

Q: Or, what do you think the solution is to the conflict?

A: One state for Hamas in Gaza. and another one for PLO in WB. Any Palestinian living in refugee camp in Arab states, will have few choice. All involved with just and fair financial compensation to help them to start their new lives.

1. Repatriate to their newly formed states in WB or Gaza. 

2. Arab states & Iran, each allocate a quota to absorb those Palestinians who, on their own volition wish to immigrate to those countries and become full citizens.

3. Canada and Australia (the 2 countries which still can absorb new immigrant) should agree to absorb finite number of these refugees. 

Q: What are your views on Israeli settlements?

A: As Truce seeker said. They should have been stopped 15 years ago. However, when Arafat started in 1995 with his terror and homicide bombing against Israelis, it gave more excuse to right wing elements like Gush emunim to erect more settlements.

Q: How did this current ‘conflict’ start, who broke the ceasefire?

A: When Khalad mashaal thought he is a hero, and uniltary had declared "Hamas will not renew the cease fire". He thought Israel will get scared and try to apease this patethic man. We all know what happend next. 



by smhb on

You are wasting ur time. These people do not understand colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and what has been done to the ME. They conveniently fail to put things in their proper historical context.

They may know and I am certain that they do that the likes of the shah, mubarak, fahd, khalid, king hussein and his son and ...... were and are foreign agents, serving their masters.

However it suits their masters very well that they lump the actions of these criminal arab rulers under the name "arabs" who dont do anything for their palestinian brothers but brutalize them just like the zionists and even worst. They justify their criminality by pointing to the actions of corrupt, dependent arab elites that implement their wishes.

They ignore the fact that these rulers implement the same policies against the palestinians and their resistance as the criminal zionists do in the occupied palestine. They are two sides of the same coin.

The zionists deflect their actions, by using lies, half truths, subterfuge, distortions and ........ they are so dirty and dispicable that they know the moment someone is associated with them or their policy they become dirt so thats what they do to their opponents and others. They try to attach themselves like leaches to anything and anyone.

The idea is not to convince hard core zionists of the criminality of their ideology and policies and actions. The idea is to inform others of who these criminals are and how they lie and distort and cheat and murder.

So, my humble suggestion is dont waste ur time with these jack assess. 




Dear Mehrnaz

by Anonymous truth seeker (not verified) on

Yes you are furthering a cause because you are totaly one sided. Now you finally clarified that there are not Hundreds of thousands Palestinians killed by Israel. Before, you did not do that. You just stated that there were no "accurate statistics' which is not a clarification but a deception of the truth.

This deception of the truth is further proven by your unfair and one sided (not a surprise) and incomplete questions that I will answer for you:

"but were there heinous atrocities committed by Israel or not?" Yes there were Mehrnaz. But didn't the Palestinians and Arabs engage in the same behavior Mehrnaz? Didn't they actually start the massacres against the Jews in Palestine 120 years ago? Which happened first the Hebron massacre or Dir Yasin? Each group has blood on their hands here.

"Is there a cruel occupation?" Yes there is Mehrnaz.

"Is there land-theft?" With respect to the settlement, yes there is land theft from individual palestinian land owners but not from the Palestinian nation. Sorry, there is no Palestinian nation yet. This is the problem.

"Is there a racist colonialist rule which has caused so much suffering for the Palestinians and the people in the region?" No Merhnaz. this is a lie. Israelis are taking advantage of the situation but to term it "racist colonialist" is a total mis characterization.

"Is this the case that israel has purposefully sabotaged all efforts at peace because it aspires to Greater Israel?" Maybe. I don't know. If "Greater Israel" means not relinquishing parts of the West Bank, You are correct. If you ask me, the Arabs are stupid. They should have taken whatever was offered to them to avoid this. All these territories were in their hands until 1967. Why didn't they establish Palestine pre 1967? Why didn't the Jordanians and other Arab nations did not establish a Palestine pre 1967 when there was no occupation? The problem is that no Palestinian entity was able to come and take sovereignty of the land for one reason or another. You can't just blame Israel. There is collective responsibility by all the actors which includes Israel, Palestinians, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Arab world and now your beloved IRI. I would put most of the blame of the past 15 years on Israel because they should have stopped all settlement building post Oslo. Prior to Oslo, I would blame the Arabs as they played the geopolitical game siding with the Soviets and they lost; the same Soviets that voted for the creation of Israel.

"What do you think of the settlers?" Some are evil and some are looking for cheap housing. What do you think of Hamas suicide bombings? Who did it help? Did it help the Palestinian cause?

"As for my agenda, what do you think it is?" One sided and non objective agenda. Sadly, this is your agenda. Your agenda will not change any minds of the people who are really in charge. To talk about the crimes of one side only will fuel the fire and lead the parties to no where. On this site, talking so much Palestine only deflects the problems of the Iranians and their own struggle for freedom and equality.


Truth seeker?

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

Truth-seeker, your tone, and your untruthful remarks and distortions of my position belies your claim to truth seeking. As I explained the number of Palestinians 'killed' do not amount to hundreds of thousands, and it was an exaggeration, in those terms, I agree. However the number of people killed in the region, as I said including the Arab Israeli wars, the incessant killings in the occupied territories and Lebanon, and the invasion of Iraq, which far exceeds that. You seem however, in your attempt at 'truth-seeking' to obliterate the fact of Israeli massive atrocities and its role in the region leading to so much pain and misery. Also you seem to have ignored everything else in my posting when you refer to my wish to "further my cause". What do you think my 'cause' is? If that has not become clarified for you and your friends after all this writing and all the points I have raised, that could only be construed as an indication of deep cynicism and wish to obliterate truth on your part. What is your point anyway? OK, hundreds of thousands were not killed, but were there heinous atrocities committed by Israel or not? Is there a cruel occupation? Is there land-theft? Is there a racist colonialist rule which has caused so much suffering for the Palestinians and the people in the region? Is this the case that israel has purposefully sabotaged all efforts at peace because it aspires to Greater Israel? What do you think of the settlers? As for my agenda, what do you think it is?


Ms. Mehrnaz, Have you no Shame ?

by Anonymous truth seeker (not verified) on

I understand that "There is no accurate statistics for the numbers killed in Palestine by Israelis." But the question was were do you get "hundreds of thousands"? Not a single source claims that there were "hundreds of thousands killed". The entire Arab Israeli Conflict with Egpyt, Syria and Jordan included does not equal "hundreds of thousands". "Hundreds of thousands killed" belongs to conflicts between Muslims vs. Muslims like when the Iraqis were killing our Iranian Baradars and Khahars. Stop the dirty lies and rethoric!

Your one sided ranting about Israeli crimes without taking into account the Palestinian crimes as far back as 120 years ago is part of the problem here. There were many massacres of non Zionist Jews by Arabs- much more heinous than what the Israelis did - but you conveniently ignore it.

As much as there are no "accurate statistics", the conflict has been reported on so accurately that even a simpleton would know that its not "hundreds of thousands". But you are no simpleton as we know. You just like to paint a picture that never existed to further your cause.


Mazloum, I am not a man, how may are you?!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Mazloum - and Truth-seeker,

Mazloum, firstly, since in another posting you addressed me as “agha”, I wonder how many people do you accommodate under that name Mazloum?! That one certainly could not have been of Iranian origin or would have known that Mehrnaz is not an agha!!!

I go straight to your question, the rest of your letter, Mazloum, is self-explanatory for anyone who cares to read these postings:

There is no accurate statistics for the numbers killed in Palestine by Israelis. Chomsky refers to this as another indication of who is worth counting and who is not – in accordance with the contemporary predominant ‘state of mind’, I have outlined previously. However, there were numerous people, both Muslims and Christians killed pre 1948 by Zionist terrorist gangs. After the establishement of Israel, the Zionists committed at least 33 massacres and destroyed 531 Palestinian villages and Towns, According to Uri Milstien, Israeli Military Historian of the 1948 war, ‘every skirmish ended in a massacre of Arabs’. Ilan Pappe, Israeli Hisotiran, in the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine says,
“The story of 1948... is the simple but horrific story of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine... Retrieving it from oblivion is incumbent upon us, not just as a greatly overdue act of historiographical reconstruction or professional duty; it is... the very first step we must take if we ever want reconciliation to have a chance, and peace to take root, in the torn lands of Palestine and Israel.”

Israel has routinely murdered civilians in the occupied territories. I understand, Masloum, that you still have not responded to Roxane’s question to you about Sabra and Shatila massacre supervised by Israelies in Lebanon. Why not? Not only the successive aggressive expansionist wars and invasions have killed numerous of its Arab neighbours, Israel with its pressure through the Israel lobby, is also known to be the main instigator of the invasion of Iraq and the murder of over a million there. And it is the main protagonist for military attack on Iran. Israel also has its criminal hands in arming and training bloody dictators in Latin America, as was the ardent collaborator and supporter of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, as well as the Israeli secret service being the one who trained the torturer’s of SAVAK under the Shah, in the art of spionage, torture, and murder of dissidents. So let us not get too cocky about the exact numbers and statistics. Israel’s record is sullied and stenches of blood and burnt corpses.

Mazloum, evidently you have addressed the question of refugees, the settlements, the enduring occupation, the long seige of a population of 1.5 millision, and the slaughter there. So, I ask you some simple question:

What are your views on the two state solution?
Or, what do you think the solution is to the conflict?
What are your views on Israeli settlements?
How did this current ‘conflict’ start, who broke the ceasefire?

I just let you know, you have not noticed in my numerous postings, that I am concerned about the civilians of Israel and Jews as much as I am concerned about Palestinians and other innocents. I believe they are victims too and of course the death of Israeli citizens and babies are tragic. But …. Is avoidable. It takes humanity, compassion, respect for equality and rights of others, it takes a desire to end the OCCUPATION.

Just to disabuse you of some delusional notions, the world is not 'apathetic' to the 'Pals' (sic), or against Hamas. The recent siege and slaughter in Gaza, in particular, have alarmed and educated millions, not just in the Middle East, but throughout the world and in the West about what is happening to the Palestinians and populations are questioning the legitimacy of Israel, the propaganda they have been fed on Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as recognising (rightly) Hamas and Hezbollah as legitimate resistance movements against a cruel occupation. You deny this at your loss.

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

your rapid hip shoots so not really impress me.

It is a well know fact throughout the Arab & Islamic societies to exadurate and blow thing way out of proportion.

"Israel killed hundred of thousands Pals"?. Heck, have you examined how the Arab states treat the Pals who went to them knocking on their door sicking refuge in their countries. Palestinians have been mistreated, abused, murdered, and deprives of their basic right throughout the Arab state far more then Israel could ever do.

For past 60 years, leaders of the Palestinians, all they have been doing is to provoke Israel, taunt its might military force. All done to force IDF to respond, with all predictable result. Innocent Palestinian women and children die shielding their coward fighters. Pals are quick to shown the world those mutilated bodies of their children to extort the world's sympathy. (Israeli have lot more respect to their dead, to lower themselves to such barbaric degree, and do not show). After which, oh boy the world community's heart bleeds for the death of the Palestinian children (never mind, Israeli children also have died by the  hand of suicide bombers).

Well, at this juncture, we have reached the stage what I call, "the Palestinian Fatigue". The world have seen enough of Hamas which invents a non existing "Occupation" (of gaza), to manufacture "resistance". The rest of the Western world have seen through Hamas's real agenda.

Frankly people are just sick and tired of the whole Palestianian agenda, of death and destructions. People have become  apatetic to the Pals. Result of which those moderate and peace loving Pals end up paying the price for Hamas own criminal leadership.



by Anonymous truth seeker (not verified) on

You state:

"It seems that the genocide that has killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians"

Can you please provide proof that the Israelis have killed "hundreds of thousands of Palestinians"?

I guarantee that its not even 40,000 in the sixty year conflict but I'll wait to see the numbers and proof of such numbers you provide.


agha meyti

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

agha meytie namazloom!, DW can correct me but many people whom I have seen claiming to be Zionist are very secular, in fact some are not even noahides as DW put it once (they reject god), ..., so, how could those guys be Jewish?



by Zion on

Yeah kind david(sic),

Another piece of "accurate" information from you. Actually, in the real world, even Israeli citizens who are outside Israel can't vote in Israeli elections. :-)

But hey, look at the bright side. You and your pal capt-ayhab can start a joint business of tireless anti-semitic diatribes and pathetically obvious lies. How about that?


SMHB, You are right ...

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Mazloum insists that the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is about different "states of mind"!!! It seems that the genocide that has killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, dispossessed millions and taken the skin off children's heads, the settlers' continued theft of Palestinians lands, beatings, daily humiliations, the Wall, the siege of 1.5 million, leaving them with no water, electricity, food, medicine and then bombing them ... has escaped Mazloom's 'state of mind'. In that sense, it is true, it IS about states of mind, that is, the states of mind of the colonizer and the colonized. You know, Israeli Defence Minister, Moshe Dyan, explained this state of mind. He famously said: "The situation today resembles the complex relationship between a Bedouin man and the girl he kidnaps against her will .... You Palestinians, as a nation, don't want us today, but we'll change your attitude by forcing our presence on you". "You will live like dogs, and whoever will leave, will leave". These expressions of that state of mind are numerous and continue to this day.

I can hear again cries of "anti-Semitism"!!! It would have been comic had it not been so tragic under circumstances that the death and suffering of so many innocents has not impacted on the sense of denial and righteousness of these individuals. They love anti-Semitism. They feed on the illusion. Sorry dear, we don't have it here, go to Israel. After all, Arabs too are Semite and you have done your best to destroy them ... and yourselves in the process. If you showed any concern for what you have done and are doing, it would bring you peace and save your humanity.

It is absolutely right that pro-Zionists are not always Jewish, far right Christian Zionists (who are dreaming of Armaggedon) in the US, are some such lunatics. And yes, of course not all Jews are Zionists, and this gives one hope ... that there are individuals who have risen above tribal instinct and mythology and have retained the capacity for care and concern for humanity. There are many good people in Israel who abhor these brutalities, although a minority, and there are reservists who refused to be accomplice to war crimes and refused to serve. These people are heroes who stand up against group pressure of that passion and magnitude. People like Amira Hass and Gideon Levy who are capable of shame and concern are your hope for a future you are still, even at this dark hour, capable of making.

As for Jews on this site, please stop this utter rubbish of shrieking "You hate Jews" every time anyone criticises or expresses disgust for actions of Israel or Zionists. Stop blackmailing ... It does not work anymore. If you are afraid of being hated, then withdraw from the occupied territories, and compensate the Palestinians for what you have done to them. Treat them like human beings, so that you can be regarded and loved as human beings.

Mehdi Mazloom

Zionism is euphemism to Jews

by Mehdi Mazloom on


why don't we cut through the crap, will you. Islamist like the Akh-mag-e-nejad use the name "Zionism" as clear indication as Jews.

DW duke is exactly right, your anti-semitic hidden agenda literally drips out of your mouth.

You may sound like "I don't mean Jews, nor do I hate Jews". But there is enough evidence from your endless posts to prove otherwise.

My friend, you couldn't distinguish a Jews from Zionists even if it kicked you in the rear.

One thing struck me is the degree of backwardness and intellectual bankruptcy to which you and other like you demonstrate in regards to Israel, here on this forum.






smhb you are confuased!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

smhb says: "You can be a moslem, jew, christian, agnostic, hindu, socialist, conservative and whatever the ideology or beliefs you have and be a zionist and you can be all of the above and be against zionism."

smhb, you seem to label anyone whom you don't like as "Zionist". Are you sure you were thinking clearly when you wrote this laughable paragraph!
Let me give you a hint that might clear your mind, .., there are huge differences even between the Zionists. George Soros for example is a Zionist but he is very different from someone like Zion! In fact mention the name Soros to Zion, and she will blow several fuses all at once (genno_besmellah)!


Barikallah smhb

by Anonymously now (not verified) on

I guess they did raise their hands...

good post!

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Re-read my post.  I didn't misrepresent anything you said.  I said that it appears to me that you hate Jews.  I didn't say you hate Jews I said that is how it appears to me, and it does appear that way to me.  You post article after article where you tell us how terrible Jews are.  And it goes beyond Zionists such as in this post where your presentation was somewhat less than stellar.  This was an attack on the Talmud which has nothing to do with Zionism.


My question to  you, and it was a serious one, do you want to see the Jews in Israel exterminated? 

For your information I do not conisder myself a Zionist.  It seems that you generalize and stereotype entire groups of people into categories.  It gives the impression that you hate them.  You have called me a Zionist after telling me your attacks are against Zionists only. Do you hate me?  Do you want to kill me?  I am easy to find.  Look me up and try but I would strongly recommend that you not to fall below the standard of care in the event you undertake that dangerous endeavor.  

Perhaps what we really need is a clarification of terms.  What do you mean by the term Zionist?  I posed this question directly to you in a blog. If you like we can move it over there and start with a clean slate free of other issues.  I am sincerely interested in knowing what is prompting your rash of assaults against Jews (or as you say Zionists).  Evidentally, you want someone to listen to you or you wouldn't post so many articles.  I am listening.


lets go by ballot #s

by kind david (not verified) on

isreal citizens voted and elected zionists from creation of isreal till now

have you seen none-zionist party win in isreal ?

no , they overwelmingly voted for zionists ..

so most isreali citizens = jews , are zionist

according to isreal law ;

a jew anywhere in the world is automatic isreal citizen and can cast vote and many of them cast thier vote outside isreal , of course for zionists

there is 23 jew senators in usa , how many voted for or against isreal ?

%100 voted for isreal = %100 zionist

you tell me jews in usa didnt for jew senators ?

they did , so that make them all zionist


DW Duke

by smhb on

Lets clarify something for you eventhough I have no such obligation to do so.

I have always directed my criticism against zionists, not jews.

can be a moslem, jew, christian, agnostic, hindu, socialist,
conservative and whatever the ideology or beliefs you have and be a
zionist and you can be all of the above and be against zionism.

I like Finkelstein, I also admire Chomsky and there are a ton of jews who are anti zionist. There are muslims who are zionists.

said that, as far as israel is considered I truly beleive that the
settler colonialist thieves and murderers movng from NY, LA, London,
and other places should move back to where they came from and return
the stolen land and property back to their rightful owners.

is really no need to drive anyone into the sea or exterminate them.
What for? Jews and Muslims have lived in Palestine for ages and they
can continue living there in the future however the existing conditions
of apartheid and repression and thievery by zionists should be stopped.
Is it going to happen? I dont see that in the near future.

that simple enough for you? By the way next time try not to be a smarty
by mis-representing what i have said. You are a paranoid zionist just
like the rest. Get a grip on reality.





YRH Fatah Ali Shah

by Aziz (not verified) on

Do yourself a favor and translate "War crimes" into Farsi.

Did you find any known equivalent?? Does not exist in Farsi. A concept borrowed from the West.

About time "we" (WOG's) learn we do not have the moral authority to sit in judgement and blurt out borrowed big words, (as in an empty echo chamber) - exception being those handful few with human rights advocacy record willing to put their own skin in the game.

Joke of the week:
Someone send a copy of the history of Modern Turkey to the prime minister, Put a yellow sticky on the chapter (1915-1917)


The blood of Palestinian children blown up into smithereens...

by Ostaad on

cannot be washed off the hands of the Zionist criminals by blogging, PR monkeys, spinmeisters and war crimes cheer leaders. The Nazis employed all these tricks minus the bloggers, and we know how well that worked.


Comedy in 6 Acts or so

by Aziz (not verified) on

Act 1: Turkey against Armenians: 750,000-1,500,000
Act 2: Soviets vs Afghans: a 1,000,000 or so, estimated
Act 3: Iranians vs their Brothers: 1,000,000 or so
Act 4:Tchechnya vs Ex Soviets: 200,000 and more
Act 5: Bosnians vs their neighbors : roughly 25,000 before NATO "Kaafars" intervened
Act 6: Darfur: lets not go there
Act 7: 1400??

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

SMHB, if I ask you a question will you answer it with total honesty?  Will you be completely honest with this forum?  My question is very simple.  Based upon the weight of evidence as revealed in your writings, it appears to me that you hate Jews.  So, my question to you is very simple but I would like you to give your most honest answer.  If you could cause every Jew in Israel to die today would you do it?  Would you like to see all Jews in Israel exterminated forever? 

Mehdi Mazloom

nu nu nu, labeling people!!!!

by Mehdi Mazloom on

aghaha ye Mehrnaz ve smhb.

You know, when you use labels, it is clear indication that, you really run out of constructive ideas to put forth to convince others with you argument.

You two SHOULD BE PROUD TO BE IRANIANS. However, like 80% of other Iranians, you also should be ashamed to be led by bunch of backward akhoondah whom brought so much shame, sanctions, distrust and ridicule from the rest of world.

In regards to the perception of the world on Israel. here is the picture.

Like I have been saying it all alone.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not about land, it is about a state of mind.

You see, if a Palestinian mothers and fathers, won't teach heir children the sanctity of death and suicide bombing. Where a mother prods her son to ware a 10kg explosive and kill Israeli in the buses. The Israeli will not have to erect walls and close their borders with WB & Gaza to prevent these mayhem. After which pals cry foul and taunt Israel to go in and stop the thugs from murdering their civilains.

and when Israeli do try to stop the rockets, then naive like you two come here and pontiff others about justice.




They have lost face!

by smhb on



I fully agree. The amazing thing is that
these morons dont even see the criminality of their political ideology
and actions.

I am an Iranian and very proud of it but not of
the type that supports the zionist killers and thieves and their
monarchist lackeys here on this site.

Suffice it to say that your
former master, the small time zionist freemason thief, the shah was
best of friends with south africa, israel, philipines marcus, chiles
pinochet and other blood thirsty killers.

I am proud that after
the revolution the south african embassy was turned over to the ANC,
the israeli embassy was turned over to the Palestinians, the chilean
embassy was closed and pinochets dogs were thrown out and .....

The ANC and Nelson Mandela never forgot the help and support of revolutionary Iran and thats what makes me proud.

In the same manner all resistance movements look to Iran and that makes me very proud also.

Now you zionist thieves can go to hell.



Strange Folks

by A Dinosaur named Clitoris (not verified) on

Israel knows better than most countries the challenges of fighting terrorism. During its more than 60 years of existence, the Jewish state has faced foes that have shown their utter disregard for human life by targeting innocent civilians, rejecting every standard of decency and internationally recognized rule of warfare.

At no time was this more apparent than during Israel’s recent military action in Gaza, when it was reported that the terrorist group Hamas used its own people as human shields. Weapons and rocket launching sites were deliberately placed in and around mosques, schools, hospitals, and other civilian areas. Civilians were instructed to stand on the roofs of buildings to stop Israeli planes from bombing. Terrorists fought in civilian clothes to confuse Israeli ground troops.

Hamas’ rationale in adopting these illegal and immoral tactics is twofold. First, Hamas knows that Israel goes to great lengths to avoid Palestinian civilian casualties. By launching its attacks and storing its weapons among civilian populations, Hamas hopes to take advantage of Israel’s compassion and protect itself from attack.

The second reason is far more sinister. By forcing Israel to unintentionally inflict civilian casualties, Hamas is presented with a public relations opportunity. When an Israeli strike inadvertently kills Palestinian civilians, Hamas broadcasts and distributes images of bloodied Palestinian bodies to the world, and then waits for the inevitable public outcry against Israel’s alleged “cruelty”.

Now there is more evidence than ever of Hamas’ disregard for the lives of its fellow Palestinians. A new report from the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center uses maps of Hamas rocket launching sites, weapons storehouses, and training camps superimposed on aerial photographs of Gaza to show that during the Gaza war Hamas turned entire neighborhoods into military camps. // Videos posted by the Israel Defense Forces on the Internet clearly show Hamas mortars being fired from schools and mosques, as well as secondary explosions indicating the presence of weapons caches following Israeli air strikes on buildings harboring terrorists. //
I encourage you to look at these resources, and help spread the word about the true nature of Hamas by forwarding this message to your friends. Now, more than ever, it is essential that Israel’s friends arm themselves with the facts and online resources like these to counter the anti-Israel bias that is, sadly, so prevalent in the media.

Recently Israeli historian Yaacov Lozowick commented on Israel’s behavior in the recent war. “From time to time I claim that the IDF is the most moral army in the world,” he said. “This drives some people bonkers, and they often go ballistic. Alas for them, and fortunately for many Palestinians, it happens to be the simple truth.”

Civilian deaths in wartime are tragic. But Lozowick is right. Few armies in the world would go to the lengths that Israel’s does in order to lessen the chance that civilians will die. And it’s equally true that few groups would go the lengths that Hamas does to make those deaths more likely. So the next time you hear someone accusing Israel of deliberately targeting civilians, show them the evidence to the contrary and remind them that the tactic they are describing is employed not by Israel, but by Israel’s enemies.


They have lost face!

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

It is funny, as if the whole of the mainstream Western media (BBC a shameful example) is not already dominated by pro-Israel pressure! Their attempt to sneak into blogs shows the depth of desperation. Israel is exposed for the brutal racist entity that it is. It is no longer a taboo to talk about and reject its brutality and Nazi-style practices. They still shriek "Anti-Semitism" but even in the West people now know it is blackmail and Israeli state and its supporters are the true anti-Semites and persecutors.

As for this site, if it were for dialogue and understanding it would be good, and if not, let them expose themselves further, they are their own worst enemy.

khaleh mosheh

Dasteh Gelo ro begeer keh aghab nayofteh

by khaleh mosheh on


I recall 1400 patestinans just being killed.


It seems that these days the black is white and white is black according to this PR exercise. Luckily most poeple here see through the hidden agenda. 


It is perfectly

by sickofiri (not verified) on

It is perfectly understandable. They are Jewish and like to defend their homeland from being driven into the sea.

What is your purposes posting articles about Palestinians and Hamas 24/7?

Are you Iranian or Palestinians?


Mehdi Mazloom

by XerXes (not verified) on

What's wrong with it is what's wrong with Nazi supporters supporting Hitler.
You advertise anti Iranian regime on this site and with pride talk about your fascist government as if everything is normal there. All I can say (and believe me, there is a lot to say) is STRANGE PEOPLE Zionists are!

Zionism is Terrorism. Want Proof?

Mehdi Mazloom

SMHB. So what?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

dear smhb,

First, I like to thank you for helping us to carry the Israeli message into the public. Your "contributions" are appreciated. (you may think you are hurting Israel's image. However, with the type of contents you have been posting here, the opposite is true).

Second. These immigrants love their country, proud to be Israelis and do their best to defend it.