Israeli Troops Killed Gaza Children Carrying White Flag, witnesses say
information clearing house / Dion Nissenbaum
29-Jan-2009 (5 comments)

McClatchy Newspapers" -- EZBT ABED RABBO, Gaza Strip — Nasser Abu Freeh was one of the first to see the Israeli soldiers as they entered this pastoral Gaza neighborhood overlooking the Israeli border on Jan. 3, hours after the Israeli government ordered the first ground forces into Gaza.

Abu Freeh's two-story hilltop home is a favorite spot for Israeli soldiers, who used it as a command post during three previous attempts to deter Gaza militants from firing crude rockets into Israel from the surrounding cattle farms, orange groves and dirt alleys.

Scouts from the militant Islamist group Hamas also favored the hilltop as a place to watch for approaching Israeli soldiers, and the fighters tried to lure the Israelis into a trap by planting land mines outside Abu Freeh's home.

As the Israelis moved in, neighbors said, the Hamas scouts put up little resistance and quickly fell back into the more densely populated part of the neighborhood.

Within hours, the Israeli soldiers took over Abu Freeh's house, moved the seven people living there into one room and began interrogating the adults. The questioners were angry because one of their soldiers had been killed nearby in the early hours of the ground offensive, and they wanted to know what traps Hamas had set for the Israeli forc... >>>

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the world has had enough of Isreal

by sharizie (not verified) on

The Israelis are doomed as a nation in its present form. The world in fed up.

Pope brings back a holocaust denier, encourages the Christians not to leave Iran, US is broke and will stop sending money there soon.

Read the tea leafs..


bombed chickens

by king david (not verified) on


Its not bravery or lack of

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Israelis have successfully reached a point of totally dehumanizing Arabs in their mind. An Israeli could not possibly perform these genocides without getting some kind of guilt feeling. Its like the Germans in Hitler time, they really could not feel they are inflicting pain.


where ? ok i try to help you out

by king david (not verified) on

this is tough one

first , they were not children but adult

please dont listen to hamas propaganda

%80 of gazanas suffer from malnutrition and starvation so thier growth stunted so they look small but they are actualy adults


So democratic anyway ..

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Yes, 'brave' indeed and 'democratic' too ...

Thank you for posting.