Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?
// / Paul Craig Roberts
28-Jan-2009 (one comment)

Astonishing Incongruities

Is It Time to Bail Out of the US?

By Paul Craig Roberts

January 28, 2009 "

Information Clearinghouse" -- California State Controller John Chiang announced on January 26 that California’s bills exceed its tax revenues and credit line and that the state is going to print its own money known as IOUs. The template is already designed.

Instead of receiving their state tax refunds in dollars, California residents will receive IOUs. Student aid and payments to disabled and needy will also come in the form of IOUs. California is negotiating with banks to get them to accept the IOUs as deposits.

California is often identified as the world’s eighth largest economy, and it is broke.

A person might think that California’s plight would introduce some realism into Washington, DC, but it has not. President Obama is taking steps to intensify the war in Afghanistan and, perhaps, to expand it to Pakistan.

Obama has retained the Republican warmongers in the Pentagon, and the US continues to illegally bomb Pakistan and to murder its civilians. At the World Economic Forum at Davos this week, Pakistan’s prime minister, Y. R. Gilani, said that the American attacks on Pakistan are counterproductive and done without Pakistan’s permission. In an interview with CNN, Gilani said: “I wa... >>>

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Farhad Kashani

yes, smhb, please "bail

by Farhad Kashani on

yes, smhb, please "bail out". anti American, pro IRI socialists like you don't deserve U.S taxpayer money and this country's generosity and kindness.