Zionist Israel's Thermonuclear Blackmail Of America
26-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

Jeff - These are paragraphs of 'special interest' I wish to highlight from the long and detailed USAF report that follows...my comments are in all caps: ISRAEL BLACKMAILS US One other purpose of Israeli nuclear weapons, not often stated, but obvious, is their "use" on the United States. America does not want Israel's nuclear profile raised.[144] They have been used in the past to ensure America does not desert Israel under increased Arab, or oil embargo, pressure and have forced the United States to support Israel diplomatically against the Soviet Union. Israel used their existence to guarantee a continuing supply of American conventional weapons, a policy likely to continue.[145] ISRAEL DICTATES TO US AND WE CONCEDE TO ISRAEL Israel went on full-scale nuclear alert again on the first day of Desert Storm, 18 January 1991. Seven SCUD missiles were fired against the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa by Iraq (only two actually hit Tel Aviv and one hit Haifa). This alert lasted for the duration of the war, 43 days. Over the course of the war, Iraq launched around 40 missiles in 17 separate attacks at Israel. There was little loss of life: two killed directly, 11 indirectly, with many structures damaged and life disrupted.[98] Several supposedly landed near Dimona, one of them a close miss.[99] Threats of retaliation by the Shamir government if the Iraqis used chemical warheads were interpreted to mean that Israel intended to launch a nuclear stri... >>>

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Kashani, what's wrong with socialism?

by Ostaad on

Big US banks and investment houses and their free market loving execs love it. Why don't you?!!!

BTW. If one person didn't need fooling, it would be you.

Farhad Kashani

smhb, copy and pasting

by Farhad Kashani on

smhb, copy and pasting material from the mouth of anti American socialists is only gonna fool yourself!!

No one is buying these type of propaganda!

Farhad Kashani

Nothing but a bunch of

by Farhad Kashani on

Nothing but a bunch of leftist mombo jumbo. Yo smhb, no one gonna belive your socialist propaganda pieces! Spare yourself the trouble ! you think people can't see you copy ans paste news from extreme left anti American sites and putting them on here!!???


You ain't foolin anyone!