Netanyahu the front-runner for Israelie elections to allow more settlements in Palestinian Lands
26-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

The front-runner in Israel's election said in an interview published Monday that he would let Jewish settlements expand in the West Bank if he's elected prime minister, threatening to put him at odds with the Obama administration. The remarks by hawkish Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu come just before the new U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, is scheduled to visit Israel, the West Bank and elsewhere this week for talks aimed at keeping alive a fragile Gaza cease-fire and reviving Mideast peace negotiations.


Expanding settlements

by asefati on

P.S. It has come very clear to me that Israelies don't want peace. They just want more of Palestinian lands and that's it.
I mean if they are going to elect this hawk to be their next PM, that is because he has good history of oppressing the Palestinians and allowing settlers to build more settlements into Palestinian lands.



He is very dangerous

by mehrnaz (not verified) on

This lunatic is the one who said in the Likud annual conference “It is 1938 and Iran is Germany and it is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs” and has vowed to attack Iran. He is the one who as early as in 1996, put forward the main tenets of the document "Clean Break" authored by the Israel lobby Institute of Advanced Strategic Studies, which advocated the idea of 'preemptive' strike, in front of the US Congress. He is a dangerous beast and a sick man, even sicker than the lunatics now in charge in Tel-Aviv, who has gone up sharply in the Israeli opinion polls.


Got Land?

by GOT Land? (not verified) on

More land w price of palestinian lives...