Iran in scramble for fresh uranium supplies
Times Online
24-Jan-2009 (2 comments)

Before Christmas, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office sent out a confidential request for its diplomats in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Brazil, all major uranium producers, to lobby governments not to sell uranium products, specifically yellow cake, to Iran.

Iran’s stock of yellow cake, acquired from South Africa in the 1970s under the Shah’s original civil nuclear power programme, has almost run out. Iran is developing its own uranium mines, but does not have enough ore to support a sustained nuclear programme.


1970's yellow cake "close to running out"

by Q on

Oh Good. So now Iran does not have enough Uranium. This is good news, even if it is just the West trying to talk itself out of making a big mistake.



Read the Israeli version of the same "news"

by Ostaad on

These are the same Brits who created the dossier about Saddam's purchase of nuclear materials from Niger. "Sexing up", lying and gossiping is a British specialty. Surprisinly the Mossad seems to agree with this "report". All of a sudden, and out of nowhere Iran is running out of yellow cake! Who know?