HOW HEZBOLLAH DEFEATED ISRAEL - Part 1 Winning the intelligence war
// / Alastair Cook
20-Jan-2009 (one comment)

PART 1: Winning the intelligence war
By Alastair Crooke and Mark Perry

Writing five years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, US military expert Anthony Cordesman published an account of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. "Preliminary Lessons of the Israeli-Hezbollah War" created enormous interest in the Pentagon, where it was studied by planners for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and passed hand-to-hand among military experts in Washington. Cordesman made no secret of his modest conclusions, rightly

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recognizing that his study was not only "preliminary", but that it took no account of how Hezbollah fought the conflict or judged its results.

"This analysis is ... limited," Cordesman noted, "by the fact that no matching visit was made to Lebanon and to the Hezbollah." Incomplete though it might have been, Cordesman's study accomplished two goals: it provided a foundation for understanding the war from the Israeli point of view and it raised questions on how and how well Hezbollah fought. Nearly two months after the end of the Israeli-Hezbollah war, it is now possible to fill in some of the lines left blank by Cordesman.

The portrait that we give here is also limited. Hezbollah officials will neither speak publicly nor for the record on how they fought the ... >>>

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Mehdi Mazloom

2009 is not 2006.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

The article was written in 2006. that was during the ice age.

Israel already had admitted its shortcomings and lack of high quality and real time intelligence during that war. As events had just unfolded in Gaza,Israeli intelligence was up to the minuets, in real time, and very invasive.

IDF intelligent officers knew the name of each hamas solder, and where he was at a given moment, In fact they were calling them on their cell phones to worn them to laydown their weapons, Or, say their fairwell to their families, before going up "there" to the land of honey, unused viginas and endless parties.

One can be sure, the same is true with each and every solder serving in Hizbollah ranks.

Since 2006, IDF together with other security services in Israel have improved their intelligence in Lebanon, to such level comparable to Gaza.

One of the major reason for Israeli effectiveness against these two groups, is that, the silent majorities in Lebanon and Gaza (even in Iran) do not wish to live under the type of fundamentalist regimes such as Hizbollah & Hamas (and Iran). It is obvious that. many do become agents for Israel, and the West.. 

Trust me, the Israeli Mossad has no difficulties penetrating these two groups (and the regime in Iran), and even has agents right at the top of their echelon.

Let me give yu few hints.

Just recently Nassrallah was saved by 15 Iranian doctor's who flew from Tehran to Beirut to save his ass from a mysterious food poisoning. 

Samir Kuntar, the lebanese terrorist who had spent 29 years in Israeli jail. He was relased as part of last years prison exchane. This guy had graduated from Israeli university with master degree. 29 years are long enough to train the guy with "you know what to do, when you kiss Nassrallah's cheek".

The funniest of the all. Take a look at this picture.


Now, draw your own conclusion. Conceivably, you see how far the long arms of the Mossad, and how close it can get to Israel's enemies. Even Kiss their cheek. (Scary ha?)

The next conflict between Hizbollah & Israel will be far different then what was in 2006.