I was a Teen Revolutionary
The Guardian / Golesorkhi
16-Jan-2009 (7 comments)

I had quietly abandoned school in favour of revolution long before they were all closed due to martial law, taking the opportunity to wonder from one demonstration to another, fancying myself as a sort of existentialist flaneur before I was familiar with the term.

Setareh Sabety

The Revolution, 30 years after

by Setareh Sabety on

a more poignant and free of agenda piece!



Rebies is still rampent...

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

Rabies is still rampent amongst those who could not tolerate taking a sip at the soup that they cooked. The proof: the supporters of IRI who cannot even live WITHIN iran.

If shah was so bad, why couldn't the regimes before or after pahlavis build a decent country that even the revolutionaries (the left, the right, the intellectuals) cannot live within. Saying that:

The revolution was a great event in the history or Iran and will be remebered accordingly unlike what a bunch of looser zionist stooges like you and your ilk try to portray it.

Repeating accusations of 1979 do NOT cure the Rabies; however, living UNDER IRI may cure the rabies, which IRI supporters have no tolerance for. These are old news and old tactics which does not even serve their purpose as distractions anymore.

"Corrupt to the bone", "brutal", "thief" were good enough for mullas of 1979 to feed to the naive and "haar" and greedy and arrogant iranian fools of 1979 and we all know where that brought us, where that even committed run-away IRI supporters cannot live within iran.

Aan kas keh nadaanad va nadaanad keh nadaanad,
Dar jahle morakkab abadoddahr bemanad.

The revolution was as "great" as Alexander the "great" was for iran - a sign of destruction and oppression, where over 4 million iranians immigrated out of the wonderful country that the revolution brought into existence.

If you manage to cure your incurable Rabies, you will see the light.



by smhb on

What else to expect from the remnant of the former regime. Most you are delusional to say the least.

The former regime was corrupt to its core. Brutal, dependent on foreign powers just as we see the likes of mobarak of egypt and khalid of SA being lackeys of zionists and imperialists, thats what your master the shah was a small time thief in the pocket of the zionists and imperialists.

The members of former regime and at the top of the corrput heram, the shah and his family stole billions of dollars from Iran's treasury and fled to the us and other european countries.

The revolution was a great event in the history or Iran and will be remebered accordingly unlike what a bunch of looser zionist stooges like you and your ilk try to portray it.

Enjoy ur days in us or europe or wherever u r. The days of zionist and imperialist domination of Iran with the help of morons like you is over.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

One may agree, or disagree, with your position, but I think most of us would agree: That was one hell of an argument, supporting your postion.



Ali p.


The cause of the devolution of 1979: Rabies.

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

The author said:

Having grown up in the Shah's police state, under the very real shadow of its monstrous Savak, there was very little debate in my head or in the country as to the causes and legitimacy of revolt...

These rhetorics only have buyers amongst non-iranians, islamists, and run-away revolutionaries, who are either uninformed or have no courage to a take a sip of the soup that they cooked for iran.

Yeah shah's regime was a police regime and savak was monstrous according to the revolutionaries that wanted to take us where we are without knowing what police state and monster meant and that we had much bigger monsters amongst us.

Shah's failure was that he did not keep those mosters on tighter leash. 99.99% of iranians were free, enjoying free education, jobs, and progress from a country that a generation earlier had only 3% literacy rate and traded in opium to make a living - not much different from afghanistan of today.

The cause of the revolution was nothing but the incurable disease of Rabies. Pahlavis got rid of widespread "kachali", "tarakhom", "vabaa", "saalak", head-lice, stomach worms, skin worms, ... in a single generation and educated sons and daughters of opium traders and raised the literacy rate from 3% (7% if one counts reading of Koran too) to 65+%, and opened medical schools and clinics so iranians could cure their diseases there instead of begging Emam Reza and Hazrate Masoumeh in Mashad and Qom for "shafaa". Iranians forgot where they came from and forgot who facilitated their education and their metamorphosis from the way their parents lived in poverty and disease to a decent living. That was too much to bear. They got "haari" and became arrogant. They were just not comfortable with the fast progress of the country and felt no connection to the shah or the clean-cut newly-borne middle class.

Khomeini was a blessing from heavens for them. He was the only one who could take them back to where their fathers came from and whom they could make connection to and see in him their own image. That is why ALL, islamists, leftists, intellectuals, lined up behind him to commit national suicide and condemn many generations to the disaster that we see.

Revolutionaries were screaming about killing of pahlavis for decades; but the first thing that they did upon taking control of iran was murders (remember Yazdi and Khalkhali and Khomeini, remember all those mofsedo-fel-arz and moharreb-ba-khoda) in scales unseen before and ALL cheered.

Revolutionaries were screaming about corruption of pahlavis for decades; but the first thing that they did was loading of planes with iranian assets headed for lebanon (remember ringo montazeri?).

The question to ask is that how many of those revolutionaries who came to power after decades of fighting against the shah and his regime can we count today as non-monsters and decent human beings today. I know NONE.

Revolution was nothing but a fraud, a stupidity, and a national suicide no matter how the revolutionaries, old and new, would spin it.

But of course, those who brought us here have neither the courage to admit mistake, nor the empathy to feel the severity of the disaster that they created for those who left behind in iran to really come to feel the true meanings monsters and police state; they just ran away.



well one statement said it all in Golesorkhi's remarks

by My observation (not verified) on

But I noticed he said it all when he remarked
"The revolution ... noble intentions paved the way to hell."

Hopefully this guy and his ilk will live and die outside Iran.

Darius Kadivar

Except YOUR Agenda Of Course Khanoum Setareh ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Suivez Mon Regard !


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