Israel's bombardement of Gaza is NOTself-defense it's a war crime.
Sunday Times, London / Letter/Petition
12-Jan-2009 (one comment)

ISRAEL has sought to justify its military attacks on Gaza by stating that it amounts to an act of “self-defense” as recognized by Article 51, United Nations Charter. We categorically reject this contention. The rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas deplorable as they are, do not, in terms of scale and effect amount to an armed attack entitling Israel to rely on self-defence. Under international law self-defence is an act of last resort and is subject to the customary rules of proportionality and necessity. The killing of almost 800 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and more than 3,000 injuries, accompanied by the destruction of schools, mosques, houses, UN compounds and government buildings, which Israel has a responsibility to protect under the Fourth Geneva Convention, is not commensurate to the deaths caused by Hamas rocket fire.

Setareh Sabety

Sunday Times: Letter of Attorneys and Academics

by Setareh Sabety on

Every one every where should do at least this! Write your congressman