Gaza is the future
// / Justin Raimondo
12-Jan-2009 (3 comments)
Gaza Is the Future

Israel's on a rampage – and here's why

by Justin Raimondo

Why is Israel pounding Gaza? Well, we know the official explanation, which goes something like this: if you Americans were being targeted by crude, albeit potentially lethal, rockets from, say, Mexico, on a daily basis, how would you respond? Israel, we are told, had to take on Hamas. As Barack Obama put it, while campaigning in Sderot, the Israeli response is "part of being a country." They had no choice.

This is bollocks, as everyone but the brain-dead realize. To begin with, Hamas offered a truce and had abided by the previous cease-fire, but the Israelis weren't interested. Instead, Tel Aviv chose to unleash what the whole world sees as an appallingly disproportionate response, raining death on... >>>

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Mehdi what?

by hypocrisy detector (not verified) on

Your ID on this site is as accurate a description of you as your history lessons!

You (I mean the zionists not you personally) have pushed the people of Felestin to a little corner, built a fence around them, basically made them a prison camp while you were building your villas and hotels and roads on their land. You stop them every day they need to leave the camp for work and harass them. You don't allow over 70% of the food and to get to the camp, you not only cut their water, you turned your sewage into this poor little camp. They, as many other prisoners before them, make little tunnels to bring food in to feed their families. You make an excuse of those tunnels to put more pressure on them.
They finally get some rockets through those tunnels to speak to you with a language you would understand. Obviously the only language you speak: violence and armed attacks. But they only have little measly rockets and can't even harm you!
You then make that an excuse and fly over their heads and throw chemical weapens and huge bombs on their heads!
but that's not enough, you decide to go in and now instead of 1 dead soldier you end up with 13 (one you guys killed yourselves anyway) but who cares, at least now you have casualties and the world can see that it was not such an unbalanced display of deadly force.

Then you call yourself mazloom and come in here and defend your actions.

But one thing you haven't noticed because you can't read half of the contributions and dialogue on this website: Iranians are not as stupid as you think.
now go kill another baby


Zionist mouthpiece

by smhb on

First, I suggest that you change your name from mehdi mazloom to bloodthirsty zionist as its more befitting.

Second, dont come here and repeat the lies and propaganda of your zionist masters.

Third, the Heroic Palestinian Nation are the victims and the zionists are the thieves, liars and murderers.

Fourth, no amount of spin, lies, and deception by you and your criminal masters will ever change those facts that you represent the most ugly and dispicable ideology; zionism and terrorist state namely israel.

Fifth, the longer this mass murder and brutality continues the more people all over the globe realize the true nature of people like you and your masters. Those demonstrations all over the globe is the tip of the iceburg when it comes to how decent human beings all over the world really feel about zionists and their crimes.

Sixth, israel is built on a house of sands and its demise is near. 


Mehdi Mazloom

The Message

by Mehdi Mazloom on

One element in Israel's engagement in Gaza seem to be missed by many readers.

For over 8 years, Hamas has been deliberately and intentionally targeting civilian centers in Israel (Kindergartens, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, etc). Terrorizing more then 900,000 Israelis cities and towns bordering with Gaza. launching home made rockets is relatively cheap and very effective tool for a small size terror group to disrupt the lives of that many people with such simple and primitive devices. By provoking Israeli IDF, hamas leaders were hoping to duplicate Hizbollah's delusional "victory" of 2006.

Imagine for a moments that, If at any time Israel stops its offensive against the Hamas to the bitter end, Hamas leaders will emerge from their rat holes and declare "victory". Never mind the massive carnage which they had caused to their own people, whom they pretend to care about. Thus gain legitimacy and stature among the radical elements in every other countries around the world.

If that happens, every fringe group in any country will decide, ha, this is a very effective method to win a war against much bigger and stronger enemy.

Now, imagine that, some Mexican nationalist will decide, launching rockets from Tijuana onto San Diego & LA is similarly effective and proven method of "liberating" their land in California, New Mexico, Arizona & Texas.

Or Nationalist Hindus who never accepted the division of India and formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. They decide to use similar method to re-unit these states with mother India.

The world reticent to get involved is aimed to send a clear message that targeting civilian as military targets are not acceptable - regardless of reason
for which the terrorist may have to justify their action.

There are two objectives to the Israel activities into gaza.

1. Send a very clear and strong message to other terror groups like Hizbollah and others that, the price they will pay, will be far more then they are willing to pay. At the same time tell Iran, if you had any designs on using Proxies to do your dirty work for you, we will turn these proxies against you. There is very much doubt after this war is over, hamas will listen to the Mullahs in Iran to use terror attacks.

2. It is more evident that, the future warfare will be conducted in urban areas, where terror groups will hide among civilians.

Israel is perfecting the methodology of urban warfare with minimum casualties to civilian. Other countries with similar problem as Israel will want to learn from the Israeli experience to better defend their own population against future attacks against their civilians as hamas was doing.