Washington Institute Reports Bigger Role for Ross
www.ips.com / Jim Lobe
08-Jan-2009 (3 comments)

Ross’ appointment marks a major setback for those who had hoped that Obama might bring some fresh thinking to Middle East policy, particularly vis-a-vis Iran and Israel-Palestine.

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by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Read Ross's work. He is a pro war neocon. He has even said that the US should hold talks with Iran as a PR stunt to soften the image of an US "messy" attack on Iran.

Obama is a puppet, and the hands sticking up his behind are people like the above mentioned.

There is no change, the only change you will see is the change of color, tone and words.

The actions will remain mostly the same.


Give him a chance to implement his policies

by Ostaad on

I voted for Obama and I'm willing to give him a chance to implement his foreign policies in regards to Iran. Ross's loyalties, affiliations and policy attitudes about the ME are well known and I don't intend to dwell on them here. The point is Ross is not in charge of the policy and his role as an advisor is perfectly within reason and even limited despite the 7th. floor office spin. Obama said it himself not too long ago that HE is the one who makes the decision after listening to different views. Ross is not the only advisor to Obama's administration despite the fact the Washington Institute's self-congratulatory exuberance. Ross is politically savvy and his role is to soothe the anxieties of the Zionista and Israel-firsters because they are not "sure" what Obama will do as far as Iran and its legal nuclear program are concerned - Israel is worried to be left out of if serious negotiations start between the US and Iran, therefore having their man involved gives them much needed confort. Obama has made it clear he will adhere to the US bedrock policy of preventing Iran from "building" nuclear weapons. No one has presented any credible evidence that Iran is indeed building nuclear weapons, although Iran has publicly announced that it intends to be a "screwdriver away from a nuclear bomb", a policy that does not violate any of Iran's treaty obligations.  Obama needs Iran's help in Afghanestan, Iraq, Pakestan, and last not least the Palestinian-Israeli "problems". Therefore I wouldn't fret about the personalities and I would certainly wait for Obama's policy announcements vis-a-vis Iran. My hope is the role of the cunning neo-cons will be diminished in the US and Iran both, and all indications are that it is happening.

Answer, be a good boy go out and play in the traffic.


The answer to why

by Answer (not verified) on

"Why is a Neocon being picked to deal with Iran?"

to Piss you and your ilk OFF! what are you gonna do about it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!