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// / Dr. Gordon Prather
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by Gordon Prather

It appears increasingly likely that the Obama-Biden-Hillary
administration will also adopt a Bubba-Gore-Hillary article
of faith
, namely that the 21st Century would see the end of the

Acting on that belief, Bubba-Gore attempted to hand over to the United Nations,
the presumptive world government, every semi-international problem, including
women’s reproductive rights,

For example, in 1995, as an official member of our delegation to the
World Conference on Women
being held in Beijing, Hillary Clinton blasted
both China (for promoting sterilization, abortion and female infanticide by
its one child limit per family) and India (for permitting the burning of brides
because their dowries were too small).

Then, in 2000, at a weeklong special
of the UN General Assembly, Hillary "laid out" – according
to our UN Ambassador Richard Holbrooke – the official >>>

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