Prison for nuke engineer who took software to Iran
16-Dec-2008 (2 comments)

Alavi's lawyer, David Laufman, said in court documents that Alavi wanted to move back to Iran because his wife found living in the U.S. difficult. He said he took the software with him because he was proud he had helped design it. He said he showed the software only to his family, and then only for a few minutes. Alavi's access to the plant's computer network was terminated 11 days after he quit in August 2006. But when he was in Iran two months later, investigators said, Alavi downloaded an access code from the software maker.

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by Zion on

the evidence points to him having any motive that would amount to spying, even indirectly, he should have got life imprisonment, nothing less. The life of millions of people is at stake. This meaningless light sentence is shameful and preposterous.


این آقا هم خرو

Lengesh kon! (not verified)

این آقا هم خرو می‌خواست هم خرما. هم می‌خواست آمریکایی‌ باشه و هم در راه دستیابی ولایت وقیح به "انرژی اتمی‌" فداکاری کنه.

شاید درمان دردش یک مقدار خوردن آب یخ تو زندان باشه! به نظرم خیلی‌ آسون از جرمش گذشتن. فقط تصور بکنید در این قضیه جای آمریکا و ایران عوض شده بود، این آقا الان حتما به جرم خیانت به اسلام و رهبری اعدام هم شده بود.

بعضیها یا مغز خر خوردن یا اینکه بقیه رو خر میدونند!