Larijani urges Obama to adopt new policy
04-Dec-2008 (3 comments)

The Iranian official said this week that when Obama takes office next year, the Democratic president-elect should implement a policy toward the foreign region that differs from previous U.S. administrations, the Fars News Agency said Thursday.

"Washington's old and inefficient policies toward Iran and the Middle East no longer yield results," the parliamentary official said Wednesday.


advice from an Iraqi-born Rashti

by Q on

I wonder if Larijani considers himself the Iranian Obama.


Mehdi Mazloom

Oh yeah, It is Larijani

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Who cares what this disgraced government official opines to obama


just to say.........

by Maziar 058 (not verified) on

Q khan what ever that moofu (mafangi) says is dictated from the house of Buckingham,remember his photo in full brit regalia and his wife in shabdulazimi black chador ridding the carrieage to downing 10 ?
BTW, Larijan and lahijan are 900 km apart.