Experts urge Obama to rethink Iran policy
15-Nov-2008 (9 comments)

The panel of 20 experts, who include academics and former U.S. ambassadors, warned against a military attack on Iran and called for unconditional negotiations, saying it was the only viable option to break "a cycle of threats and defiance". "An attack would almost certainly backfire ... and long experience has shown that prospects for successfully coercing Iran through achievable economic sanctions are remote at best," they said in a joint statement to be presented to a conference on the future of U.S.-Iran relations next week.

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TO DAVID ET:What about Human rights?

by Matter of Time (not verified) on

They're talking about the infamous "Grand Bargain" and you will see that Iranian people's civil and human rights will be flushed down the toilet as part of this bargain for good!

The American oil lobbeys have always been hard at work for it. This will happen one way or the other ... just a matter of time.

End result: average Iranian people will lose BIG TIME

Say adieu to Iran ever witnessing democracy or real progress and modernity.

David ET

Soon we'll know

by David ET on

It is good to see direct no nonsense US talks with Islamic Republic.

Obama's policies will soon be more clear once he announces his cabinet. If he
chooses Hillary Clinton as secretary of state , that would be a disaster and a
sell out by Obama versus what he promised. 

Hillary is the one who ridiculed Obama's idea of direct talk with Iran and
threatened Iran with Obliteration.Obama is already elected, he owes nothing to Hillary who threw every
piece of dirt at him with her Kitchen sink strategy.

Obama should believe and rely on the PEOPLE , who brought him to power and not the same old status quo Washinton politicians who blocked him every step of the way,

Bill Richardson would be a good , humble choice for the secretary of
state vesus Hillary's controversial, two faced, egotistic , self serving, shallow, abrasive and moody attitude!!


Obama was neoconish back in

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Obama was neoconish back in September 2007. However, Brezienski (sp?) straightned him out and he changed his stance quite a bit after that. I don't think Obama doesn't know what neocons and the rapture readies are up to. He is very well read. Given the state of economy bordering another Great Depression, I don't think the US can afford any pre-emptive war or strike against anyone for a long long time even if the moronic neocons miraculously convinced Obama.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

So fresh and so smart

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I like what I'm reading here. I really hope Emmanuel is on the same track as he was with the Oslo era. I have Israeli friends and they aren't the kooks I see on the news, and so they understand about our situation here in the USA. They feel a bit invisible too, because Israel is also a uniform construct in the US media too, like Iran and Iranians.

I think it's interesting that the Rahm choice has been hailed as a disappointment by the Right. They think that just because he is jewish, he 1. hates arabs 2. doesn't want to deal with the Arab-Israeli peace issue. I think these are both wrong, considering his past work and statements about the US-Israel relationship. He understands it is more complicated than "we love Israel and they are our good friends." I can't STAND pandering. McCain was good at that. 


sickofiri: I think he is a neocon ...

by IrooniIrani (not verified) on

First off, the Oslo treaty was not good for either party. In addition, the treaty is irrelevant to this argument.

Second, Emanuel supports the Iraq war which is an act devised, planned and implemented mainly by neocons.

Third, the only reason that neocons created a so-called alliance with evangelists was to get some Republican support. Please go and read the history of neocons. They were originally lefties. Of course, their penetration within my Republican party did nothing but ruin it. Us republicans never said our 'base' were evangelists, etc. Republicans were Republicans mainly for the fiscal conservative ideology, which unfortunately no longer exists.

Fourth, the neocons view Obama the same way as they did Bush jr - he's fresh, a newbie that can molded in any way shape or form. Remember this - similar to what they did to Colin Powell in the Bush administartion, these neocons will push Joe Biden (the only one with a logical foreign policy mindset) to the side.

This 'democracy' may well still be one, but don't get fooled by the looks. The options that we Americans have nowadays are all the same ... there's no big difference between the democrats and republicans ... and PLEASE, don't even mention certain 'moral' issues as they don't even impact the US nearly as much as the foreign, fiscal and monetary policies do. And that's why these politicians, or their strategists, bring forth on the main screen only the moral issues as they know that in the end, when it comes to foreign policy, there's no difference.

Nothing has changed ... NOTHING. And lastly, I am not a pro IRI guy. I am a pro change of govt in Iran, but I want that change from WITHIN. As Ron Paul, the Presidential candidate for whom I voted, said, who cares what other countries do, as long as we can trade with them ... that's capitalism in its truest form. And believe it or not, that in itself could increase influence of our democracy within Iran and hopefully bring about change from WITHIN.


Rahm is not a neocon. He was

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Rahm is not a neocon. He was the one who orchestrated the Oslo treaty during the Clinton Adminstration. He is the one who is responsible for the handshake between Yitzhak Rabin and Arafat.

Israel was created mainly on an existential crisis. Rahm realizes that for this crisis will never end until there is peace between Israel and Palestine. Having said that, he will also has to deal with the Likuniks which are the equivalent of our own basiji and hizballhi.

He has a very tough task to accomplish. The neocons and evangelical are already building alliance against Rahm.

Having said that, what's good for the IRI is not necessarily good for the US or the Iranian people.

Coddling corrupt criminals, tyrants, and despots in the past have always backfired on us. When are we going to stop and learn from our mistakes?

Let Iran have its nuke then we'll deal with it. In the meantime, we shouldn't make any deals with them. Bullying should not be rewarded.

They will have their nukes whether we talk to them or not. They are not known to keep their promises.

The nuke issue should be taken off the table, period.

Israel should also stop this paranoid fear of being attacked. They know that it is not going to happen even if the IRI had the nukes.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Emmanuel has an interesting take on Israel

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He says that when America has peace, it is better for Israel. As much as Israel is a disaster in my eyes, I think that's a true statement. If they want to use America, it's better to keep America strong and viable, rather than cause them harm in the long run. 

So emmanuel probably won't promote a war with Iran, because it's going to cost Israeli lives like crazzzzy. Also, I wonder if he would leave America and go fight for Israel in that case. LOL. I wonder if lots of Jews here would do such a thing or just sit around and bitch. Llike iranians. So much in common!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

He did not say it will last for a long time

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

he said that troop withdrawal will be complete to final stages in 2010. That's better than 100 years or permanent, don't you think? 

Also, this new policy is great. The only way to figure anything out is to talk face to face. No more of this speeches and morse code crap. Even if we hate each other, better to make it official. Even that's a starting place! 


Obama will likely not listen because ...

by IrooniIrani (not verified) on

He, knowingly or unknowingly, has taken the first step that tells us the Iraq war will continue for a long time and the US and/or irsael will attack Iran ... that step was choosing Rahm Israel Emanuel as his chief of staff. Rham Israel Emanuel is a neocon. It appears that the neocons are slowly jumping back on the democrats side, as now the deomcrats have a novice at the helm that can be easily influenced. Of course neocons initially started being liberal in the 1950s, and Rahm Israel Emanuel has always been a democrat.

Here's some background on this Emanuel guy - his father was a member of one of israel's well-known terrorist groups, Irgun. He is likely pro-war. I think his influence will outweigh Biden's, making Obama's foreign policies no different than Bush's. You will see, Emanuel will surround Obama with the people that are either neocons or have given in to those neocons.

I would suggest for everyone to read about him in wikipedia - //
And you will see that he is a pro-Iraq war, in addition to many other things that are completely the opposite of what Obama was campaigning for. Another poor politician got fooled ... unfortunately.