Iran media: Lawmaker slaps Ahmadinejad confidant
The Associated Press
31-Oct-2008 (one comment)

Iranian news media say a lawmaker has physically assaulted a confidant of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, alleging the official was trying to pay legislators not to vote for the impeachment of the interior minister.  The interior minister, Ali Kordan, is facing an impeachment campaign for falsely claiming to have an honorary doctorate from Britain's Oxford University.  Iranian media say Mohammad Abbasi, a senior government representative at parliament, was slapped in the face by lawmaker Ali Asghar Zarei on Wednesday. The reports say Abbasi was gathering signatures from lawmakers in support of the interior minister.

Party Girl

kordan's chakhan-gate: the plot thickens!

by Party Girl on

Ey daad o bidaad!  Kaar az fahhashi gozasht o be kotak kari reseed!

Oh My God!  This is unbelievable!  What's next?  Chaghoo keshi?  Who the heck is this Ali Kordan anyway?  Is he worth all this trouble and aberoo reezee?  Why couldn't he just resign and beg off when this whole mess started to unravel?  Oh, my bad, I forgot!  No one ever resigns in IRI, even if they are caught in the most conspicuous case of fraud!