British soldier accused of spying for Iran 'used black magic..'
Mail Online / Arthur Martin
23-Oct-2008 (4 comments)

British soldier accused of spying for Iran 'used black magic to protect Nato chief from the Taliban'

A British Army Corporal accused of spying for Iran performed 'black magic' on the Nato commander to protect him from the Taliban, a court heard today.Daniel James, 45, told how he surrounded himself with candles and shells and used voodoo practices on a photograph of General David Richards so God would defend them both during their time in Afghanistan.In extraordinary scenes at the Old Bailey, Tehran-born James, who worked as an interpreter for the General in Kabul, said he was the equivalent of a Christian priest in a religion called Yoruba.

Party Girl

"Mashang" might describe him better than "Spy!"

by Party Girl on

Oh My God!  This is really funny!  My questions is:  Who let this guy into the British Army?!!

This guy has been arrested and imprisoned for espionage for IRI, and this is the stuff that is coming out in his court hearing!  It's pretty unbelievable!  Read this report and see how funny it is for yourselves!  Here's another excerpt of it here:

"During his tour of duty, the defendant invited other soldiers into his billets where he read their futures using seashells, Tarot cards and the palms of their hands.

He first became aware of this little-known faith when a friend introduced him to it on a trip to Cuba in 2003.

At first he thought his friend was 'talking rubbish'. But once his own palm had been read, James began a dedicated follower.

He became convinced of its merits while recovering from two strokes and an operation which repaired a hole in his heart."

What an embarrassment and a liability for British Army!  How many more of these "Mashangs" who don't spy for IRI work there! 




by Majid on

Mashang...AKA Mashti means k*$ Khol, Sar be havaa, alaki khosh, Khiaal pardaaz,..........oompaa loompaa! 

Examples of which are our IRI supporters here! who think Iran is the "greatest democracy in the world" but they prefer to stay here in great Satan's territory.

Mashang is the one who enjoys the benefit of freedom of speech and criticizes GWB IN USA! but kisses A.Nejaad and Khaamene ee's..... you know where! and hopes that McCain wins so he can bomb Iran!

I hope this helps, otherwise I can name some examples of "Mashti Mashangs" .


You can't make this shit up!

by desi on

You can't make this shit up!  Wow!  Somebody please tell me what mashang means in your family 'cause my mom uses it as a cute term for an "erection".

American Wife

Just when you think you've seen it all...

by American Wife on

something like this comes along.  But what do you expect from the Brits anyway...:-)