Iran, International Peace and Security / Dr. Gordon Prather
21-Oct-2008 (3 comments)
Iran, International Peace and Security

by Gordon Prather

In a joint press conference held this week with the head of the European Commission, Mohamed ElBaradei, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that the talks with Iran that began on April 21 to "clarify" certain "alleged studies of weaponization" have resulted in "good progress."

What "alleged studies" is ElBaradei talking about?

Well, scroll back to the summer of 2005.

Since February, 2003, ElBaradei and his IAEA inspectors had been conducting intrusive investigations into Iran’s Safeguarded nuclear programs.

And since December, 2003, Iran had been voluntarily adhering to an (as yet) unratified Additional Protocol to its Safeguards Agreement.

Iran had searched for and provided ElBaradei documentation of its past procurement activities for nuclear programs, going back two decades – documentation that Iran had been under no obligation to provide the IAEA at the time, much less obligated to preserve for later inspection.

In that summer of 2005, ElBaradei again reported that he had found no indication that (a) there were any undeclared "source or special nuclear materials" in Iran n... >>>

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Farhad Kashani

Whats trully amazing is that

by Farhad Kashani on

Whats trully amazing is that after 30 years of the brutal rule of a regime that has simply destroyed our country and put the world closer to a clash of civilization, there are still Iranians like you who support the regime. Whats also amazing that like Jesus who brought people from dead (According to you), you guys are trying to bring back communism and extreme socialism back to life after the world saw their defeat. And for your info, I'm not a monarchist.


See the propaganda here...

by smhb on

ur pseudo intellectual shortcomings are amazing, but then again I really dont expect much from people like u who r trying to bring back from the dead the monarchy. Last time someone performed such a miracle was Jesus. U r no Jesus. U can barely understyand what u r reading let alone....

Those who run the site are conservatives eventhough liberals and socialists contribute also not to mention others.

Dr. Prather is a Nuclear physicist and unlike most peopel who show up and talk about nuclear weapons and NPT and etc... he actually understands the science, the policy, the international norms and rules and therefore qualified to express an opinion.

I cant say the same thing about you. 




Farhad Kashani

See the propaganda here...

by Farhad Kashani on

See the propaganda here... IRI supporters take "opinions" from extreme, anti American leftist webistes who call themselves "antiwar"..(But infact, by apologizing for the Islamic regime, bring the war closer and closer to our country), and post them here as "news"...!!!

The Iranian Islamic regime, not the country of Iran, is the biggest threat and destabilizer of International peace and security.